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    High Quality Software with Modern Technologies

    With our leading expertise in DevOps your software implementation will benefit from modern technologies and automatization while still having your users at the centre of the application development, along with our strong design and UX research services. With everything we do shall still keep your goals clear in mind and focus on them so that the development will be efficient.

    Software Development Projects Based on Agile Methods

    Our software development projects are based on Agile methods enabling iterative development in tight cooperation with the customer. The most important values for us in software development are openness, quality, teamwork and user centricity.

    We complement Agile-ideology with principles from Lean-ideology, as we also aim to on eliminate waste and allow for short release cycles.

    DevOps practices with us are defacto. In our projects we automate testing, analysis, deployment and measurement which creates lower application lifetime costs, a better quality and less supplier dependency. In case you currently lack a modern DevOps-pipeline we can use our Root -platform as well.

    We see that design is a vital part of software creation. It brings value throughout the whole process: from discovering what needs to be done, down to the usability of the service and developing it into a viable product. Well-designed services and products save time and bring a competitive advantage. Design is the key element for bringing usable services for end-users. Furthermore, we measure the usability of applications in the process to ensure a very high level of usability.

    Best possible solutions

    We welcome our customers (bringing domain knowledge), developers/experts to join the team(s). We can offer you expertise in (responsive) web, mobile, IoT, Cloud and Big data development. If there is a special field concerned (such as AI solutions) we can use our partner-network to complement the teams as well. Together we can build the best possible solution.

    Technologically our ideology is to look forward into the future and harness the power of new proven technologies to benefit our projects and customers. We have the knowledge to design and implement system architectures able to combine both new and existing technology.

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    Tapio Ingström

    Software Director

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