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We create and make you
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Our software factory is driven by Devops

It’s a fact that customer needs are constantly changing in the business landscape where competition is global and they can easily switch between service providers. We respond to this challenge with a mindset and a toolkit called Devops, that enables us to set up a product development pipeline that is used to constantly update services to keep your clients happy and engaged.


It is built to last through time and competition.

Why Devops?

Devops improves on the Agile way of developing software to build superb quality, better visibility, scalability and faster time-to-market. These benefits are achieved with the right level of automation and with the use of modern (but still proven) technologies. Devops is Agile methods on steroids.

We have been building software long enough to understand how challenging it is to plan the ultimate solution ahead of time. Instead of spending excess time on planning a better recipe of success is to proceed with proper amount of understanding and iterative development based on user feedback.

Agile manifesto is our religion.

Don't hate. Automate.

End-to-end automated development process reduces the number of manual work stages and saves resources for productive operations. Creating the right level of automation reduces maintenance costs and provides a longer lifetime for the solution.

All this leaves more valuable time for the actual creative craftsmanship of programming.

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Time-to-market means business

With Devops-driven software development, you can launch software faster. Once the release process has been automated, new versions can be deployed into production multiple times a day. Furthermore, a built-in feedback loop ensures right direction for the development.


Our vision is to build the future of software development

We understand that technologies evolve and that there is still plenty of room to make digital service development more efficient. Therefore, our experts continuously evaluate and use emerging technologies that have been proven to work.

This is why we are proud community leaders in Devops-driven agile -methods and in tools like Robot Framework.

Guiding our customers to the next level in software creation

In many of our projects the ultimate goal is not only to produce high value software but to coach our customers to harness the advantages of modern tools and practices.

By co-creating your solution with our DevOps-driven software development experts you will achieve unfair competitive advantages in your internal support and development - much more than traditionally possible.

Like you – We don’t believe in vendor lock-ins.

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