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    Architectural planning and software design

    Tailored software architecture

    Our senior software architects and UX specialists can help you with mapping existing systems that can be efficiently used and identify components that need to be built. We can also evaluate any possible available and existing solutions and open-source platforms: no need to reinvent the wheel.

    We provide documentation of the recommended architecture and software design along with an initial view and potential project plan. We will even walk you through the results so that you will have an easy path towards implementation and tendering.

    Various architectural practices and modern technologies

    It’s relatively straightforward to create simple new web applications with only a few integrations, and not too many users. However, when you have a more complex application network, IoT, big data or other complexity then it becomes worthwhile to plan your architecture and software design a bit more thoroughly and not just to start coding.

    We have already experienced many challenges (tightly coupled, limited or no interfaces, performance bottlenecks, technology outdated, etc), know the various architectural practices (Microservices, Event-Driven, Msg Driven, API ecosystems, etc) and understand the possibilities of modern technologies (Containers, Functional & Reactive Programming, cloud orchestration, etc) and can, therefore, help you with a wide range of issues.

    As starting points and challenges differ a lot, we are also able to tailor architectural planning and software design phase content based on your current needs. Architectural planning is not only intended for building new software but also for times when you need to find ways to renew your existing applications.

    Typical Work Included

    • Analysis of existing systems and identifying challenges;
    • Identifying/confirming central requirements and restrictions;
    • Creating and refining the architecture together with the customer. Considering various aspects such as data architecture, security and different runtime environment options;
    • Delving into deeper aspects of software design in the most important areas, such as technology selections or identifying central components;
    • Documenting and presenting the architectural plan - you will also receive all the required material to easily enable tendering.

    We are more than happy to discuss your needs:


    Tapio Ingström

    Software Director

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