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MVP in 4 weeks

Value from Software

When you have a crystallized concept we can help you to minimize the time-to-market. Our Digital Product Development Line can offer you a kickstart in just 4 weeks.

You can get a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) out very quickly and continue further development based on feedback from interest groups and users. This schedule is made possible by using modern Javascript-based technologies and Eficode Root platform.

Eficodes Digital Product Development Line

Everything is code! Having designs, tests, pipelines and infrastructure as code empowers team independence, allows for faster development, and makes handovers between developers much easier.

Common Components

Most of the code written for a new digital product already exists. Using common components allows for a faster kick-off of a new project and also ensures higher quality product.

Root Platform with solid project template

Setting up tools and a modern deployment pipeline can take weeks. With Eficodes Devops platform and project template, teams can focus their effort on producing value from the first day. Read more about Root Platform here.

MVP Phase Sizing

- Clear, predefined and tightly scoped MVP. Two developers & Scrumming;
-Further development based on time & material.

- MVP service finalization and implementation with end users included in the process;
- Further development based on time & material.

- A larger MVP functionality with service design and end-users included in the process;
- Further development based on time & material.

We are more than happy to meet with you and get familiar with your concept so that we can estimate the required team size and make an offer about the four week MVP development phase.

We are more than happy to discuss your needs:


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