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    Accessibility Keeper – ensures the accessibility of your service

    4 icons representing hearing, visibility, learning and physical limitations / disabilities around the accessibility symbol.

    Continuous up-to-date information on the accessibility of your digital service 

    Eficode Accessibility Keeper is an easy-to-use and intuitive accessibility monitoring service that makes it quick and easy to monitor the accessibility status of an online service or a web application. The service reduces the manual monitoring and verification tasks required to ensure accessibility.

    Accessibility Keeper supports the whole organization’s work to ensure accessibility

    Detailed and comprehensible descriptions of findings will help the work of the various teams working on accessibility, such as content creators, developers, testers and product owners.

    Jussi Rämänen

    Team Lead, UX Research & Accessibility

    +358 (0) 50 326 9055

    Accessibility Keeper offers numerous advantages


    Continuous quality control

    Regular monitoring ensures that problems are tackled as soon as they arise.



    The service’s clear, simple and intuitive interface makes assessing accessibility convenient and pleasant.

    An icon of a person standing in front of a screen.

    Actionable findings

    Our service provides comprehensible descriptions of the findings and suggests corrective actions to address the identified deficiencies.


    Content also available in Finnish

    The service is available in Finnish, which makes it even easier for Finnish users to understand the findings. The content is also available in English.

    Eficode Accessibility Keeper benefits many different user groups

    Web developers

    The service adapts easily to everyday development work, allowing developers to quickly identify technical accessibility issues. It provides detailed instructions on how to fix detected problems at code level.

    Two people facing computer screens, notes and web icons above them.

    Product owners or project managers

    With Accessibility Keeper, you can easily and efficiently monitor and prioritize features and tasks that affect accessibility. The service will help everyone involved in development to learn which issues affect accessibility and how to address them early in the development process.

    EFICODE – PHABLE-675 – Illustrations for Accessibility Keeper page - 03 - product owner - without wheelchair

    Quality assurance

    Testers can use Accessibility Keeper as part of their quality control process. Using the service reduces the need for manual work, leaving more time for other tasks.

    Two people facing a cogwheel, laptop and an easy-to-use icons in front of them while taking notes and discussing.

    Content creators

    Content creators can use the service to ensure the accessibility of content. The service suggests corrections to published content, while teaching users how to produce accessible content.

    A person with a laptop facing an image, video and a thumbs-up symbols.

    Essential for continuous accessibility assurance

    Eficode Accessibility Keeper supports the continuous development and maintenance of the accessibility of your service.

    Comprehensive consideration of accessibility and legislative compliance also requires expert work, but an automated monitoring tool will significantly streamline the process by providing a quick and comprehensive view of machine-detectable accessibility issues in the service.

    The expert services of our large and knowledgeable user experience team can be easily integrated with the monitoring tool.

    Learn about our accessibility expert services

    Clear overview and reports on service accessibility

    Visualization of accessibility metrics

    Clear visualizations keep you informed about the level of accessibility of your service.

    Dashboard image of the Accessibility Keeper

    We will tell you where the problem is

    Accessibility Keeper finds and displays the issues with your website, and tells you how to fix them.

    An image of the findings in Accessibility Keeper

    Assess accessibility at any time

    Accessibility Keeper will check your website on your preferred schedule to keep you up to date with its accessibility.

    An image of the audit progress page in Accessibility Keeper

    Let’s figure out together how Accessibility Keeper can help you make your services accessible!

    Read more about Eficode Accessibility Keeper

    Accessibility Keeper goes through the assigned websites and analyzes their accessibility. You can either enter the addresses of individual pages into the service or let the service go through the entire website automatically. Accessibility Keeper reports the identified accessibility problems in detail and in plain language and offers suggestions on how to address them.

    Accessibility Keeper helps you stay up to date on the accessibility status of your online service and identify issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner. This makes it much easier to maintain the accessibility of the web service.

    The service has been designed by Finland’s leading accessibility experts. The service is intuitive and easy to use, and particular attention has been paid to the comprehensibility of the content to ensure that a wide range of audiences can benefit from the service.

    The service is intended for all organizations that want to provide an accessible service to their customers or partners. By ensuring the accessibility of services, organizations can provide a consistent and equal experience for all users. Public and private organizations that are required to comply with accessibility directives and legislation will benefit significantly from Accessibility Keeper in ensuring the accessibility of their services now and in the future.

    Our service is charged on a monthly basis, based on the number of completed page scans.

    URLs are entered into the service, and the service analyzes the accessibility of these pages. You can let our service automatically generate a list of pages to be analyzed, or you can add them manually. Getting started with the service is easy, and addressing accessibility problems identified through the service’s analysis is straightforward, thanks to clear suggestions for corrections. Accessibility Keeper can also assess services that require a login.

    Automated analysis cannot detect all accessibility problems, such as linguistic complexity or visual issues that are not detectable by analyzing a static web page. Accessibility Keeper significantly improves the accessibility management of the service by finding machine-detectable accessibility problems quickly and comprehensively. The accessibility expertise of our experienced team can be easily integrated with Accessibility Keeper to cover all aspects that require expert review to determine the overall accessibility status of the service.

    If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support team directly via the feedback form.

    You can find a feedback form for development ideas and feedback here.