By using the cloud, Edgeware, a part of the company Agile Content, can avoid all maintenance work. Not only that, by using a cloud solution the company also has constant access to new features for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence and a whole host of other applications.

The next step is migrating the cloud solution for another part of the company to Edgeware’s cloud. Besides internal support, this also encompasses more than 100 corporate clients.

Customers who need the best support possible

Edgeware, which is owned by Spanish firm Agile Content, provides operators and content providers with systems that facilitate wide scale distribution of the latest TV and video services via the internet. More than a hundred companies with around a thousand users worldwide depend on Edgeware’s world-class support, which is built on a comprehensive solution using Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence. 

The challenge: Server solution to be phased out in 2024

Atlassian is set to bring an end to server licenses as of February 15, 2024, so Edgeware turned to Eficode to find another solution. The natural choice for Edgeware would be to switch to Atlassian Cloud, but to find out whether there would be any obstacles here, we had to first carry out a feasibility study. The alternative was a data center, but that would have entailed paying for 200–300 more users than needed.

Carrying out a migration involves a major challenge in that Edgeware provides its customers with support 24/7. Pressing pause on these support services for a couple of days was not an option here. As well as the Atlassian products Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence, the company also uses a number of third party apps. These apps manage everything from the automation of features and test management in Jira to password management in Confluence and graphic layout of the public-facing customer portal. 

“Eficode has the skills and experience to ensure the migration went smoothly for us and our customers.” – Director of Product Operations Mikael Höljö, Edgeware

The solution: Migration to Atlassian Cloud

The preliminary study showed that migration to the cloud would work for Edgeware, as well as providing further detail on the technical opportunities and limitations the migration would entail. An analysis of all the applications provided us with an overview of what adaptations would be needed to ensure all the applications worked in the new environment. 
Careful preparations are key to any successful migration. The preliminary study provided the basis for the rest of the project and highlighted fixes and adaptations required. The next key moment in the preparations was a test migration. Edgeware has a comprehensive and complex environment, making this next step particularly important. Even though the test migration was carried out during the summer vacation period, it went well thanks to the commitment of the project organization. The process involved so-called super users, who provided feedback and asked questions, which helped us build an FAQ as preparation for productization. 

“Open dialogue facilitates rapid progress. Eficode is highly service- and solution-oriented.” – Director of Product Operations Mikael Höljö, Edgeware

Prior to the actual launch, communication with all the users was vital. Eficode has years of experience of the entire process, providing support with templates for different informational messages and banners. Edgeware informed both its internal users and external customers in good time and on several occasions, ensuring they would be able to make sufficient preparations. 

 “The clear project organization and communication plan allowed us to respond quickly.” – Atlassian Consultant Michel Antonio, Eficode 

The migration to production was carried out at a weekend to minimize the impact as far as possible, but all users were still able to access support as the old system remained open. This involved some manual work, but worked very smoothly, with the users not experiencing any disruption. 

Zero-maintenance, scalable and accessible

The migration to the cloud meant that Edgeware could avoid having to carry out any maintenance while providing constant access to new features. For a global company like Edgeware, the scalability and accessibility of the cloud are key advantages.

Vital to success in this project were careful preparations, transparency, clear communication and close collaboration. Thanks to its experience and knowledge, Eficode carried out a migration in which the risks had been minimized, features optimized and lead times kept as short as possible. Edgeware, in turn, provided high levels of involvement and rapid responses on important decisions.