NENT Group was among the first on the market to implement automated support for onboarding new employees through Jira and Insight. Riada - Now part of Eficode has helped the fast-paced media company creatively implement the process in the tool. This ensures that each new arrival is well prepared.

The media company Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) is the leading provider of entertainment in the Nordic countries. Every year, a large number of new employees and consultants begin their journey with the company.

"When a new employee joins NENT Group, it should feel like the red carpet has been rolled out." - Niklas Gotting, System Owner Atlassian Products, NENT Group

The challenge: Create a smooth start for employees

A great deal of things must be in place when the new employee comes to work: computer, mobile phone, office space, access card, access to different parts of the building, access to the network and a wide range of other practical details.

Previously, the responsible manager filled in a Word template when the new employee was about to start. This Word template was  sent to different departments. The system had many shortcomings: 

  • it was easy to make mistakes 
  • lead times were long 
  • it was difficult to prioritize  
  • there was a lack of overview 

The vision of a smooth onboarding process was born.

The solution: Case management with a good overview

The collaboration around the onboarding process has followed the same pattern as most projects between NENT Group and Riada - Now part of Eficode. NENT Group has a vision of what they want to achieve – Riada - Now part of Eficode knows how to bring it to life.

“When I started at NENT Group, I brought Riada - Now part of Eficode with me. They are like an ace up your sleeve. I have worked with Riada - Now part of Eficode before and know what skills they possess.” - Niklas Gotting, NENT Group  

Since the onboarding process involves many stakeholders performing different tasks, an IT service management system fits perfectly. With the help of Riada - Now part of Eficode, NENT Group has created a smooth onboarding in Jira Service Management and Insight. Based on a previous Word template, they have broken down and prioritized the requirements. The requirements have been transformed into tasks and incorporated into the system. The whole solution grew step by step in an Agile way.

Existing employees also benefit from the project. Through so-called single tickets, services have been separated from the onboarding process. For example, someone might need a new mobile phone or access to a studio. Nowadays, existing employees can quickly create cases in the portal, which is highly appreciated.

“When we buy competence from a good consultant, we get access to experience from other companies. It's a smart move.” - Niklas Gotting, NENT Group

The launch of a new process is very important. The users of the new onboarding process have received training in the form of presentations, workshops and information on the intranet.

The result: The red carpet is rolled out

Today, onboarding works smoothly at NENT Group. The manager who hires a new employee enters the portal to start the onboarding process. The main case is automatically transformed into a large number of sub-cases that are handled by persons responsible for different areas. The portal publishes the status of all cases in the process, which means that all those involved have a clear overview. When the new employee comes to work, everything is prepared.

“In our portal, the main case is created - onboarding of a new employee. This case explodes into several sub-cases that different persons are responsible for. Everyone is in control and everything is ready in time.” - Niklas Gotting, NENT Group


New employee: 

  • Everything is prepared for the first day of work
  • Gets started faster
  • Good impression of the employer

NENT Group:

  • Simplified process saves time
  • Fewer errors and mistakes
  • Control gives managers peace of mind
  • Easier to plan