Rocla’s aligned and optimized its software development and made its software development 25%, faster, and improved the quality of product delivery.

How the delivery organization’s process and working habits were made more agile and to produce more value for their customers.

Aligning and optimizing Rocla’s software development for business benefit


Software systems in the logistics industry are growing and deepening in importance. Built over time, the Rocla software development was born for the needs of independent projects. As a result, processes, tools and approaches were fragmented and Rocla’s software development, software changeability, and version control no longer responded to product development or customer needs.

Software deliveries were not fast enough, the quality was not uniform, and maintenance requirements took too many resources. Problems were being seen in the area of requirements management with methods and tools in particular.


Contribyte (now part of Eficode) analyzed the current state of software development with the assessment service. This allowed to identify problems and define appropriate business objectives. 

Eficode revealed that, by building one development model and standardizing development processes and tools, appropriate software development could be introduced to their product package. In addition, Rocla’s software and electronics experts were helped to find a common language for product development by establishing clear communication processes between software development and R&D – which included standardizing requirements management practices’ ‘language’ or terminology. Lastly, requirements management tools were introduced to suit the needs and criteria of varying options.


Rocla’s business was enhanced by aligning and optimizing Rocla’s software development. This improved the quality and speed of operations, giving the company a competitive advantage.

Since then, Rocla’s software development has sped up by 25% which, in turn, speeds up the delivery of product offerings to customers. The products are of higher quality, product maintenance and software maintenance needs have declined, and software and version management has become more efficient.

For example, by renovating update distribution, product maintenance has improved significantly. After-marketing has become more efficient and customer satisfaction has increased. Software and electronics experts better understand each other’s roles in product development.

Rocla's software and version management has become more efficient as a result of the software development assessment.