A leading provider of invoice lifecycle management services in Finland, Ropo Capital are transforming invoicing practices with a range of services (based on its own technology, automation and real-time data). They aim not only to become the market leader in Finland, but also in Sweden and Norway.

The Challenge: Agile development needed sharpening

At Ropo Capital, technology is an enabler of service - and in-house software development is one of the company’s strengths. As Ropo Capital continues to grow and expand internationally, their technology team wanted to ensure Agile development and customer focus remained at the heart of their operations. With the renewed organizational structure and role changes, responsibilities also needed to be clarified.

Ropo’s technology team have been using Agile methods for several years, with their aim to ensure continuous learning and to develop ways of working through experimentation using Agile development methods remains consistent.

Ropo’s renewed technology team also wanted to build on Agile development, so Eficode’s training program was chosen to support this effort. The main objective of the training program was to clarify the responsibilities of the different roles and the principles of agile development.

The Solution: Efficiency and clarity through a tailor-made training program

The tailor-made training program organized by Eficode consisted of three in-person sessions and one remote session. The training program started with a segment that revisited the essential basics, principles and values of Agile operations. Additionally, a responsibility map was created to clarify roles, boundaries and the decision-making process. Overall, the training program provided a comprehensive practical review of the key methods of Scrum, with a key focus on improving the skills and tools of product owners and expanding the range of tools used.

As a result of the training, several areas for improvement were identified at Ropo Capital.

“Every day we aspire to be better than the day before. This requires us to develop our ways of working and have an open mind to constantly learn new things. The training program gave us good tools to foster agile development. The lessons learned will continue to be of great use in the future.” says Janne Heikkinen, Product Management Leader of Ropo Capital.

The Result: Roles and responsibilities were clarified

The roles and responsibilities of Ropo Capital’s technology team were clarified through the training provided by Eficode. The responsibility map ensured everyone knew each team’s processes and responsibilities, while the training program gave those responsible for facilitating the methods more tools to hold Agile ceremonies - making them effective, motivating and fun simultaneously.

“The training activated our employees’ motivation to embrace change and improve our operations. It had an immediate effect on our daily routine: we started applying the new practices to our operations from the very next day.” Heikkinen says.

Overall, Ropo Capital was satisfied with the training provided.

“Everything went well. Communication was agile, and issues were addressed quickly. Eficode provided us with direct and dedicated customer care.” Heikkinen says.


“The training program was more than just training sessions, as it also included hands-on sparring and workshop-style activities. In addition to this, Eficode had tailored the training to meet our specific needs.” Heikkinen praises.