SCA needs a flexible and stable platform for important incident management and work processes tools. With the Eficode ROOT service, they get an optimized environment for their Atlassian products in AWS. It also lets the IT department focus on value-adding functions instead of maintenance.

The forestry company SCA is constantly changing to stay ahead of competition. This approach applies to the whole company, and the IT department is no exception. The company needs cutting-edge incident management and work processes tools.

The challenge: Secure access to important tools

SCA wants to invest more in the Atlassian platform and has chosen Jira as its main incident manager. This means higher availability requirements; it goes without saying that incident management has to work when employees need to report problems in other systems. Prioritized work tools also need to be available for employees to work efficiently.

The cloud service AWS offers availability, security and flexibility. The company had previously set up their own Jira and Confluence installation on AWS, but the solution did not live up to the new requirements when the tools were prioritized. SCA needed a good structure and smooth maintenance of AWS and Atlassian.

The solution: Migration to Eficode ROOT

SCA chose Eficode ROOT which is hosted on AWS. The platform offers great stability and provides a good foundation as it is optimised for Atlassian’s products. Cloud experts from Eficode (former Riada) optimize the environment to use Atlassian products in the best way possible, and to always be available.

Eficode ROOT, with Atlassian Data Center products, ensures a scalable environment. The flexibility of the cloud service is a great advantage and can be compared with bricks of Lego: you customize a solution with different pieces and get exactly what you want. As AWS launches new resources, Eficode, implements these to ensure that SCA has an efficient environment in terms of both cost and performance.

SCA's migration to the cloud service went smoothly. The biggest challenge was to handle changes due to new version upgrades of Jira and Confluence. A migration to the cloud means you have to upgrade to the latest versions. 

The result: Better security, flexibility and performance

SCA now has a cloud service that is constantly optimized for the company's needs. Eficode's cloud consultants implement optimizations and constantly analyze data to adjust capacity, prevent problems or fix complications before users discover them. SCA has a faster environment at a lower cost, with uninterrupted operation and high security.

Previously, availability was dependent on three people at SCA. They were responsible for the status of the machines, upgrades, interferences and other problems. Today, the system is no longer dependent on a handful of people. Time is freed up, that can be used for value-adding functions for the business.


  • A cloud service that is constantly optimized for SCA’s needs
  • Uninterrupted operation thanks to a proactive approach
  • Faster IT environment at a lower cost
  • High security and availability
  • Users are more positive towards tools that are available at all times
  • Employees in IT now have time to work with value-adding functions

Collaboration - the key to success

During the migration to Eficode ROOT, SCA's commitment and ability to see the whole picture have been success factors. SCA understands that collaboration is the way to success. 

Mutual trust characterizes collaboration in this project. The dialogue is straightforward and fast. Eficode's consultants provide expertise when needed. They also perform work that is never seen but is noticeable in the additional free time for the IT department at SCA.