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    Eficode Journey

    your past, present, and future with our dedicated customer portal

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    Powering insights, innovation, and success

    Embarking on Eficode Journey, your new web-based portal, we place you at the forefront of effortless engagement and seamless interaction. Designed with your ease of access in mind, this portal empowers you to effortlessly navigate through the information about your Eficode services. Additionally, fostering smooth communication with our team becomes simpler than ever, ensuring that your inquiries and insights are always met with timely and precise responses.

    Get more from Eficode ROOT

    Eficode ROOT delivers secure and reliable DevOps tools support that helps you get the most out of your applications. Now with Eficode Journey, you get an additional layer of self-service visibility and control for Eficode ROOT. Providing you with an essential dashboard for pinpoint billing insights, spend patterns, uptime metrics, and ticket SLA tracking. Stay ahead, stay informed, and ensure you get the DevOps platform you need. 


    Eficode Journey highlights

    Hexa SLA insights

    24/7 Self-service

    Key information about Eficode ROOT and your other services available to you whenever you need it

    Hexa Uptime statistics

    SLA statistics

    Visibility of both support and Eficode ROOT tools

    Hexa Exportable reports

    Exportable reports

    Analyze insights flexibly.

    Hexa Billing overview

    Billing overview

    Take control of your budget.


    Experience transparent billing with Eficode. All billing amounts are in your local currency, removing any conversion hassles. Our detailed work log showcases task distribution. Overview shows you billing statistics over time with the option to drill-down for detailed information.

    • Local currency: No manual conversions, just clear billing.
    • Worklog: See detailed task records for clear insights.
    • Statistics: Follow-up on your billing and make informed decisions for budgeting.
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    Stay informed on Eficode ROOT availability  with our uptime features. Get detailed insights into system performance and anticipate operational needs. Track events chronologically for a full system overview.

    • Server uptime: Ensure continuous operations with real-time stability metrics.
    • Availability stats: Proactive planning with in-depth performance insights.
    • Timeline: See events in order and better understand system milestones.
    Illustration uptime feature

    Ticket SLA

    Monitor ticket metrics for enhanced team efficiency. Understand issue trends, track task urgency, and ensure consistent quality with SLA performance.

    • Created vs. resolved: Measure support efficiency and responsiveness.
    • Tickets breakdown: Grasp issue trends for proactive handling.
    • Priority stats: Respond timely to urgent tasks.
    • SLAs overview: Drive accountability and continuous improvement.
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    Frequently asked questions about Eficode Journey

    Eficode Journey is a comprehensive digital portal designed to optimize your DevOps experience. Supporting Eficode ROOT and Application Management, it provides a suite of tools and insights, from billing overviews and SLA tracking to uptime metrics and ticket management. Think of it as your all-in-one DevOps companion, guiding you through the complexities of modern development and operations—ensuring efficiency, transparency, and growth at every step.

    You can request access via your service manager if you're an existing Eficode managed services customer. We're also happy to help anyone who isn't a customer but is keen to streamline their DevOps with Eficode. Get in touch.

    Absolutely. We prioritize data security, ensuring your information is encrypted and protected using the latest security protocols.

    If your reports aren't visible or being published in the Eficode Journey portal, please reach out to your service manager for assistance.