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    ITSM and ESM flashcards game

    Master your knowledge of ITSM and ESM

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    Get ITSM smart quickly 

    The ITSM and ESM flashcards game is designed to help you practice and improve your knowledge of different ITSM and ESM scenarios, solutions, and recommended practices, as well as the corresponding Atlassian tools that can be used to manage them effectively.

    The goal is to enhance your understanding of how ITSM and ESM can be applied in various departments and situations, and to strengthen your skills in managing and resolving IT and business-related issues.

    Take control of your IT delivery with ITSM & ITIL® 4 square 328x328

    It's easy to play

    You can shuffle the deck and draw a card with the problem on one side. Then, you can try to come up with a solution that uses the recommended ITIL4 practice and Atlassian tool before flipping the card over to reveal the suggested solution. You can also use the flashcards as a study tool to review the different scenarios and practice applying ITSM concepts and tools to real-world situations.

    It's a cooperative game 

    Up to 4 players players play together as a team. The players have to play matching ITSM flash cards according to the scenario. However, they do not see their own hand cards, and so everyone needs the advice of their fellow players. The more cards the players play correctly, the more points they receive when the game ends.


    How to win

    The object of the game is to complete three scenarios A scenario is complete if the cards played next to the scenario have at least two cards (trick) for each matching tool in the solution. One card can score twice. The scenarios are scored at the end.

    For example, if the solution contains Jira Service Management and Confluence then there must be at least two cards with Jira Service Management on them and two cards with Confluence on them.



    You score 20 points for every correctly completed scenario. You lose 5 points for incorrectly matching a tool, and you lose 5 points for missing a tool. You collectively lose, if you either if  you run out of cards in the draw deck or  if you get a score <5.

    Target scores:
    >45 Amazing >15 Well done >5 You still win

    Download the instructions here
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    Mastering ITSM to improve service delivery

    By prioritizing IT Service Management (ITSM) in your business processes, you can better meet the needs and expectations of your customers, which will lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

    Efficiently managing your services to customers delivers value, increases productivity, and reduces costs and risks. 

    Read a free, comprehensive guide to ITSM methodologies, best practices, tools, governance, and AI and automation capabilities.

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    Let's discuss how your business can benefit from ITSM.