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    Product management 2.0 training

    Train the team to steer your products toward success

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    Product management is what ensures you get as much value out of each product lifecycle. It is always ongoing and never stops — but the demands on those responsible for product management constantly changes. 
    Product Management 2.0 is a tailored training program where your teams learn exactly what they need to know to create, market, and manage products and services successfully.

    Format and prerequisites

    Your team learns and hones its skills in all the different areas of product management. We use interactive courses and discussions, complemented by exercises individually, in pairs, and small groups. 

    For example, in groups they will learn practical methods to bring new product ideas alive iteratively, testing with minimum viable products and customer feedback.

    Key reasons to give your teams this product management training:

    • They will understand the fundamental role of product management and will become even more valuable assets to your company 
    • They will have  tools and templates that will make work easier and increase productivity
    • They will be able to work more efficiently with your most important stakeholders


    1-4 days


    Tailored training based on 4-8 modules, including self-learning materials. Minimum 6 participants.


    Product Managers or anyone wishing to learn product management.

    Train your team now and get infinitely more out of every single product

    Contact us and we’ll find the perfect Product Management 2.0 training plan for you.

    The level of knowledge our team got from the training was really good – the best, most up-to-date product management practices.

    Laure Lacoste
    Product Group Director, Serres

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    Excellence throughout your product management

    Learn to select the most valuable ideas

    There are always too many new ideas and customer needs to consider. Product management is crucial in prioritizing and deciding which ones to invest in.

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    Build the right features

    It’s easy to overdo features and try to include all the needs. Efficiency and success comes from prioritization. Choosing the right features, combined with efficient metrics, will guarantee success.

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    Accelerate product success

    For a product to succeed, you need more than product development. Your sales force, buyers and users also need to understand the product’s benefits. Get the product marketing skills to make it happen.

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    Ensure growth and profitability

    Modern product management is data-driven. Make sure your product has a solid strategy with a clear vision, turned into an actionable roadmap with measurable milestones.

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    Training modules


    This module helps to understand what product management really is, and introduces a reference model to communicate its components in a simple and understandable way. Key topics of the module are: 

    • Introduction to product management, with easy to understand examples
    • Short history of product management to understand its context
    • Introduction of the house of product management reference model

    Product management is teamwork and requires co-operation with several internal stakeholders. In this module we cover the role of product management and how to organize it. Key topics of the module are: 

    • The many roles of the Product Manager
    • Cooperating with the Product Manager’s stakeholders
    • How to further develop your product management skills

    Product strategy is a prerequisite for achieving long-term targets and vision. This module helps to understand what product strategy is and how it relates to company strategy. Key topics of the module are: 

    • What is product strategy?
    • Drivers of product strategy
    • How to prepare a winning product strategy
    • Metrics for strategy implementation

    Continuous innovation guarantees the long-term success of product business. This module introduces a model for systematically analyzing new opportunities and helps to prioritize them based on data. Key topics of the module are: 

    • Ideation
    • Identifying the value of an idea
    • Business modeling
    • Exploration with experiments
    • Building a business case

    Product planning methods help you define what needs to be developed and why. This module introduces the principles of creating valuable and usable products and product features. Key topics of the module are: 

    • User personas and their needs
    • Product requirements
    • Requirement management and prioritization
    • Agile work item hierarchy
    • User journeys and the concept of the whole product

    With product marketing. you can articulate the value of your products to potential buyers. This module introduces how to create messaging that resonates with specific segments. In the pricing segment, you will learn several pricing models, including value-based pricing.

     Key topics of the module are: 

    • Segmentation and positioning
    • Buyer personas
    • Value propositions 
    • Defining a pricing model
    • Customer value-based pricing
    • The psychology of pricing

    Products have to be managed continuously over their whole lifecycle. In this module, we introduce methods to maximize the value of a product over the different lifecycle phases. Key topics of the module are: 

    • The product lifecycle model
    • Product dashboards and KPIs
    • Monitoring lifecycle and product profitability
    • Roadmapping

    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team or organization