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    Proud participants of the AINET-ANTILLAS program

    We're Helping the EU digitally transform Europe


    Tomorrow’s Europe needs intelligent and secure network automation

    The European AINET-ANTILLAS research program is helping Europe go digital faster. Together we're developing new ways to make networks smarter and safer—especially at the edge of the network. This will make it easier to deliver high-performance services to people and businesses.

    The AINET-ANTILLAS program sets the foundation


    Fully autonomous network operation


    Cyber-resilient, intelligent network automation


    High-performance network edge or cloud services

    Eficode leads the R&D work on orchestration

    As in numerous other European research initiatives, our team of DevOps specialists are eager to share their skills and expertise. In this program, we collaborate with several consortium partners on different use cases, playing a key role in defining and building the service orchestration solution.

    Challenges when DESIGNING a service

    Designing complex services is hard because they have many parts. Many teams need to work together to ensure all the parts work together. Also, the service needs to meet the—sometimes strict—needs of the people who use it. 

    How we solve this  

    The brand new tool our team developed for this, Eficode SERVO, makes service design easier. Its simple interface makes it easy for teams to work together AND to ensure the service meets the needs of the people who use it.


    Challenges when AUTOMATING a service

    When the parts of your services come from different vendors and run on different cloud services, it is difficult to automate the deployment and configuration in a way that meets the required SLAs and QoS/QoE requirements. 

    How we solve this  

    Eficode SERVO helps automate the process of deploying a service. It does this by using templates and procedures provided by component vendors to create and run configurations of each component and interface. This makes the deployment process faster and more reliable.


    Challenges when OPERATING a service

    You must constantly monitor complex services and the hosting environments to ensure they meet SLAs and users’ expectations. Especially with critical services, such as V2X and tactical networks, where any disruption can have serious consequences.

    How we solve this

    With Eficode SERVO, operating complex services becomes more effective, through closed-loop monitoring and automatic actions to adapt to dynamic changes. Our team is also working to expand these capabilities with ML/AI.


    More about the AINET-ANTILLAS project

    Service architectures are becoming so much more complex. And beyond a certain point, they become too difficult to manage effectively. Orchestration simplifies this process by automating the deployment and management of services.

    The project is also about finding new ways to use AI to improve cloud computing and networks. For example: AI can be used to improve the performance and reliability of cloud-based applications, and to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats more quickly.

    The AINET-ANTILLAS project is a collaboration between a number of European companies, universities, and research institutes. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

    3 reasons to feel excited about this project and the future


    Managing complex cloud systems gets easier


    Deploying new cloud services becomes easier


    Cybersecurity becomes more robust with AI