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    Cloud Training

    Helm fundamentals

    Make application deployment easy, standardized and reusable

    Use Helm charts, package containerized applications using parameterized Helm charts to ease customization and reuse, best practices for templating and sharing Helm charts. Define helm tests, and test deployments with helm-test, CI/CD and GitOps with Helm.

    Installing, upgrading, and maintaining simple to complex Kubernetes applications natively can be cumbersome and error-prone. With Helm from CNCF, you group Kubernetes objects together in logical releases and handle them as a singular instance. It helps make application deployment easy, standardized and reusable, improves developer productivity, reduces deployment complexity.

    These applications can be sourced from opensource community-provided repositories, or from an organization’s internal repository of customized application blueprints.

    Note: This course is centered around Helm3 as Helm2 is being rapidly phased out.

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Install Helm charts on your cluster
    • Add repositories to access pre-built charts
    • Create charts for your own application
    • Utilize the build-in pipeline and function features of Helm
    • Test charts with helm test, and lint
    • Manage the lifecycle of your helm release
    • Package and share your charts to a repository
    • Awareness of how to use Helm in a CI/CD context including GitOps


    Kubernetes and Docker Fundamentals or similar knowledge of Kubernetes and Docker. Applied knowledge of git clone, push, pull, and branch.


    One day


    Mix of theory and exercises


    Software developers, Architects, SREs, DevOps and Continuous Delivery practitioners

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