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    Cloud native training

    Introduction to the Istio service mesh, Kiali and Jaeger

    Leverage the Istio service mesh’s traffic management, telemetry, and security features for your complex deployments


    If you are working with Kubernetes or (micro)service based architectures then you have probably heard the term service mesh. This is because a service based architecture has its own set of challenges which a service mesh can help you solve. In this course we will introduce you to the features, with practical hands-on exercises, of the most popular service mesh today Istio. You will also get familiar with Kiali to observe mesh traffic and Jaeger for distributed tracing in a mesh.


    • Basic Kubernetes understanding, e.g. similar to the Kubernetes Fundamentals training
      • Deployments
      • Pods
      • Services

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand what a service mesh is and why you would want to utilize one
    • Identify Istio’s main components in the control and data planes
    • Route traffic with virtual services and destination rules
    • Leverage Istio to do Blue/Green, Canary and Shadow deployments
    • Understand Istio Ingress/Egress gateway controllers
    • Route inbound/outbound traffic through Ingress/Egress gateways
    • Route traffic to external services
    • Secure communication between your services with mTLS
    • Control service to service access with Istio
    • Understand the telemetry Istio provides
    • Visualize traffic in a mesh with Kiali and Jaeger.


    One day


    Mix of theory and hands-on exercises


    Developers, architects, site reliability engineers (SRE), DevOps practitioners

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