Meet Daniel, a Human of Eficode. Daniel moved to Helsinki from Venezuela to study and currently works at Eficode's Munich office.

What is it like to be Daniel?

I don't know how it is to be anything else. I would say it's pretty good. I have a lot of things going on, a lot of opportunities.

Of course, my life is not perfect but I know the things that I don't like and the things that I do like. I do my best to make it better.

My parents are still in Venezuela and that is sometimes tough, and to this day one of my greatest joys is when we actually get to opportunity to be all together. Something special about my family is that we are united by food. We are always cooking together or sharing our recipes, and one of those is pizza. So actually growing up we had the tradition that we would have dinner together each Friday. It would be pizza Friday.

Every Friday I try to make a pizza and I always send a picture to my family.

The perfect day for me starts really early like at 5.30 am. And I wake up and I either work a bit on some of my hobbies. Or I go exercise. Preferably both. I'd love to go for a hike on a mountain or hill in the morning. And then come back have a nice shower, have a nice breakfast and feel so energized for the rest of the day.

Before joining Eficode I was doing my masters in Aalto university, and I was also working there as a research assistant.

I realized that I wanted to learn more about DevOps, that's why I decided to join Eficode. I've been in Eficode since February.

What do I like about working at Eficode? Everything! The company is very supportive of my learning, that I can take courses or learn new skills. I get a lot independence in managing my relationship with my customers. There is a lot of flexibility, and that I have the possibility of travelling and visiting my family. And taking a break when I need it.

Daniel Bruzual DevOps

I believe that we can become whoever we want to be, and achieve whatever we want with effort and persistence.

If I had to choose one superpower I would choose clarity: clarity to filter out the noise and focus on what really matters to me.

When I am by myself I sing a lot. But I try to make sure that no one else is listening. Last time I sang was at Eficode's Christmas party in the karaoke. I feel super grateful about my family that they've given me always all of their support, and I feel super grateful about my health that I am healthy and I can just enjoy life without having to worry.

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