Great news! From now on you have the possibility to choose where your Jira and Confluence data is stored - through a feature called data residency.

You have now three plans to choose between:  

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Until now Atlassian has only offered customers with the Enterprise plan to choose where the data should be hosted. But with this great new initiative, Atlassian gives you more control within the other cloud plans as well.

So how does data residency work?

Data residency gives you control over where the so-called in-scope product data is hosted for: 

  • Jira Software 
  • Jira Service Management
  • Confluence 

It means that you are able to choose whether it’s globally distributed or held in place in a defined geographic location, such as Europe or the US.

How much does it cost?

Luckily this new native feature will not impact the price for the Standard or Premium cloud plans. If you have an existing Atlassian Cloud instance 

  • created before 30 June 2021: data residency will be automatically activated in October 2021. 
  • created after June 30 2021: data residency is active. 

Follow Atlassian's Cloud Roadmap for more updates.

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Published: Jul 2, 2021

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