On May 20th, Eficode and Praqma announced that they will be joining forces and shaping the future of DevOps in Europe together. What does this mean for existing customers?

It means a whole lot more DevOps (+ Continuous Delivery) knowledge

One of the main reasons companies partner with consultancies is that they gain hundreds of frames of reference from previous cases the consultancy has worked on.

By joining forces, Eficode has grown by almost 50 experts and Praqma has grown by 250. That is a far bigger community of knowledge available for all of the projects at current customers.

Although confidentiality is always non-negotiable, our Slack channels are full of vibrant discussions about technical dilemmas and latest trends. Internal training sessions broadcast across our offices give experts the opportunity to share knowledge too.

The battle story library has also grown by a lot. That body of knowledge consists of past cases, and this feeds into success at current customers.

Eficode gains the Praqma Academy and Praqma’s coaching prowess

Praqma’s Academy offers courses in Continuous Delivery and DevOps, as well as relevant tools such as Git & Kubernetes among others. Their online training suite allows for hybrid training that fuels DevOps transformations. Please do check out their upcoming training courses. Eficode’s customers now have access to this suite.

Praqma’s Technical Agile coaching is also a great addition to Eficode’s services. Although Eficode also provides Agile coaching, Praqma’s Technical Agile Coaching arguably takes this further by upskilling teams with technical skills through mob programming.

Praqma’s customers gain Eficode’s test automation track record and DevOps platform expertise

Eficode’s bread and butter is test automation, a QA technique and the backbone of DevOps which the company has implemented at customers across manufacturing, financial, healthcare, and other industries.

Praqma is very much also an expert in testing and Continuous Delivery, this is an area where the two companies complement each other very well. Call it synergy central!

Now let’s move onto Eficode’s DevOps platform, Eficode ROOT.

Eficode ROOT is an automated software production line which can either be built from scratch or built using the software development tools already in use by teams. The custom integrations between tools give companies greater visibility over their software development processes with real-time data.

The software as a service model of ROOT also allows customers to outsource their software tooling maintenance needs, freeing up a lot of time from time-strapped developers so that they can get on with value-adding work like new features and products.

Eficode’s test automation expertise and software delivery line prowess are two wellsprings available to Praqma customers.

Continuity of service with added value

Despite all of this, very little has changed for Eficode and Praqma customers with the two companies joining forces. There’ll be the same service, the same contracts, the same familiar faces.

The only difference is that now the consultancy that you’re getting your service from is bigger, even more knowledgeable, and more ready to shape DevOps in Europe than ever before. So, is Eficode and Praqma joining forces good news for customers?

Without a doubt.

Discover Praqma for yourself and prepare to be amazed!