Back in the day, IT teams would build their systems to be strong enough to last against any major incidents that could occur, so as to prevent the amount of time they spent trying to fix them. But the reality is that you’ll never be able to predict what can actually happen; no matter how well your system is built.

So how else are you going to remove the risk of a major outage, performance drain or attack of any kind?

Unleash the chaos of engineering!

One of the better ways of testing a system for any vulnerabilities is to intentionally introduce incidents into it. This rather unorthodox practice of hammering down a system with the worst possible outcomes is known as Chaos Engineering. In a nutshell, Chaos Engineering is all about wrecking your systems within a safe environment to better understand how stable it is and how it’ll respond to similar incidents in the future.

Another term for it that we like to use for it is Chaos Monkeys, which was coined by Netflix. The inspiration for this was the idea of how much carnage a monkey inside a server room could do to your systems.

How can Chaos Monkeys help?

By bringing Chaos Monkeys into your system, your IT teams can better understand how it’ll fare against certain incidents within a controlled environment, which will in turn allow your teams to make improvements wherever needed.

For example, let’s say that your Chaos Monkeys find a way to overload your system with a bunch of junk data. Your teams can go in, identify this vulnerability within the system and go on to make a fix for it that’ll reduce the chance of a similar issue in the future affecting it.

If your teams used the Chaos Monkeys successfully, your customers aren’t ever going to see any real impact on your services on their end, which in turn leads to everyone feeling satisfied!

Manage incidents with Jira Service Management and Opsgenie

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Watch this video to learn more about how Chaos Monkeys can help you


Published: Oct 21, 2022

Updated: Jun 26, 2023