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    Hans: “I like the variety of tasks and assignments”

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    Everyone has a story to tell. Meet Hans, a DevOps Consultant in our Oslo office.

    "I grew up in a place called Nesodden. Having the forest just outside my door started my interest for nature and hiking. I then went to Trondheim to study. First economics, but after an exchange program in New Delhi where I took some courses in computer science – I shifted to informatics.

    "I attended the Eficode Praqma CoDe Academy in my third year, and was compelled by Eficode Praqma. It was something as rare a ‘consultancy company with a heart’. They hired me, and I started in Eficode Praqma. Three years later, I'm running the training I was given.

    "My usual day consists of work, either in the office or at a customer. Doing my thing. After work, and based on energy surplus, I either work out, cook for friends, play games, watch Wes Anderson movies or read books.

    "What I like about living in Oslo is that it’s a reasonable sized city with not overwhelming nor underwhelming amount of things to do.

    "In terms of what I do in my spare time, I like surfing and sailing. In calm wind it’s soothing in strong wind it’s a lot of action. A win-win.

    "The three things that are the most important to me are my girlfriend, my friends and mother earth.

    "I’ve been at Eficode Praqma for 3 years this summer. Work as a DevOps consultant. I help other tech companies get their software to market faster.

    "I like the variety of tasks and assignments. You learn a lot about different technologies, tools and sectors, and that way you get to figure out where your interest lies."

    Everyone has a story to tell  Meet the Humans of Eficode