Everyone has a story to tell. Meet Mekbib, a Human of Eficode and software engineer. Mekbib moved to Helsinki from Ethiopia to study.

I am Mekbib. Born and raised in a small town in Ethiopia. I grew in a big family with the best parents and siblings in the world. My story is part of Humans of Eficode

Every boy thinks his father is a super hero only to grow up and discover otherwise.

I do still believe my dad is a superhero.

I am married to my childhood love, I have a four year old kid. He is a little ball of energy. We are not just father and son, I enjoy the time I spend with him so he is more like a friend also. He is developing a great sense of humor so he does crack me up a lot!

Everyday life

I am not an early riser, the first thing in my usual day is taking my kid to the daycare. We wake up and get ready.

Kids are tricky, they want to do everything else other than the thing you want them to do, so I have to be very patient and give a good motivational speech: why he has to go to the bathroom, brush, eat, and get into his clothes.

If I lose my nerve and lose my patience, we will kill time.

So I distract him, create scenarios and stories, and we are ready. In the winter, we have to put on a hundred clothes, so it’s not an easy task in the morning.

I drop him off, I give him a little pep talk: “Who the man? You the man! No you the man! I am the man, you the man! Yeah you the man!”

And I go to work, or if I choose to work from home, I get back to the comfort of my home. I try to do some reading on my way to and from work. I have found out that I could actually read a few books on the commute alone.

After work, my wife will have been home after picking up the kid. We have a good time at home or go out to visit some of our friends.

In Finland for 10 years

I have lived in Finland for a bit more than 10 years. I first came here to study. I did my bachelor’s at Metropolia and decided to stay in Finland and work. My wife came and joined me. We have grown to love it here.

I have been at Efi for almost a year now. I'm a software developer.

I was a developer in another company before coming here. I was doing my master’s at Aalto university, which I finished after joining Eficode.

Eficode is a great workplace! A lot of attention is given to the growth and development of Eficodeans. There are lots of trainings every week. I can work remotely when i want. The professionals we have here are at the top of their game, so your teammates in your projects are gurus in their fields.

I am most grateful for the little things in my life. For my family. For my friends. For the peace and quiet we have in this beautiful country.

Newest technology

So, the kind of technologies we use in Eficode: we have a modern stack. We do not have any old stuff laying around. I have been involved with projects using modern JavaScript frameworks, JS, React, and ES7, Node. Eficode is known for its DevOps, so our pipelines are also on the cutting edge of the practice.

What I like the most about working as a developer is the people I work with. The community is most international, most open-minded, fun to be with, and creative.

What makes someone a good software developer is their ability to learn to change and to adapt.

Lots of things are changing quite fast nowadays. So the knowledge that one gets out of the school is not enough to survive in the workplace, in the industry. One has to be able to read and understand whatever is the new thing coming out.

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Everyone has a story to tell  Meet the Humans of Eficode