Each year, the Great Place To Work® foundation interviews 11.5 million employees from over 10,000 organizations in 90 countries. Riada, now part of Eficode, ranked 9th amongst organizations of the same size.

Riada is a great place to work

In January 2021, Eficode announced the acquisition of Riada, a market leader in Atlassian consulting and the provider of managed services for Atlassian software in Sweden. With the acquisition of Riada, we knew that we were becoming one family with a team with which we share the same values and a similar working culture

Something that is particularly distinctive in Riada as a workplace is that trust between employees and leaders is very high and that their values permeate the organization. What is very easy to see is that the Riada team focuses on the customer and they develop skills together. One figure that speaks for itself is that 100% of Riada's employees believe that they as colleagues care about each other and that Riada is an inclusive employer, with a great onboarding program, which makes new employees feel well-received.

Why is Riada so appreciated?

In order to be included in the list of Sweden's Best Workplaces awards by the Great Place to Work® foundation, a company must meet certain requirements that are placed on the employer and the company’s employees must have an overall positive experience of our workplace.

The evaluation of the workplace includes an examination of what the leadership looks like. Riada, now part of Eficode, was able to show how their hiring process works, how employees develop, how the company is able to inspire and listen to its employees, how they celebrate success and how the company deals with social responsibility.

"The colleagues are amazing! The boss is incredibly good! A lot of consideration for employees, customers, and society in everything we do. We have fun together, and everyone contributes to keeping it that way.", says  one of Riada’s employees in an interview with Great Place to Work®:

Christian Johansson, CEO of Riada,  sums up: "Receiving the award as one of Sweden's Best Workplaces is something we are very proud of. The success is due to our fantastic and committed employees who create the culture we have at Riada every day. Especially in a year like this that has really challenged us as an employer, it feels extra good to win this award".

We are happy to have joined forces with a company that cares about people as much as we do, and a team that great talents also find attractive to join. These are some of the values we have and are proud to have in common with Riada. 

Not long ago, we renewed our values as a team and shared them both internally and with the outside world.

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Published: Mar 30, 2021