Our HR intern Linda gives an insight what summer in a software house looks like and what kind of a activities it has included so far.

Happy summer days from the office! Today, just like many others, the office is looking a little bit like a ghost town with an occasional spotting of a member of the human species here and there. I’m a new HR Intern here at Eficode, but you can just call me Linda. I hope that everyone is having a nice and relaxing summer.

Here at Eficode, we try to ensure that for those of us who spend the whole summer, or fragments of it, at the office also have a nice and yes - even relaxing summer. There are fun activities such as barbecuing, hanging out at the sauna, "mölkky" tournaments and of course, who could forget, ice cream. All the essentials. As quiet as it is, the summer has not missed out on any action or livelihood. Earlier this summer we had a 9th grader, Panu Heimala, do his summer job here as an office assistant. Here is a short word from Panu himself who wrote about his time at Eficode:

"I worked here as an office assistant for a month. After finishing middle school I decided to look for a summer job like many others. I hadn't heard about Eficode until my mom suggested finding out about software companies that were operating in the area near by to me, since it is the field I am interested in. First I thought that any bigger company wouldn't have need for someone without any training or experience, or would have already hired someone dedicated to handling small tasks and helping around. But to my surprise they actually answered and invited me for an interview after sending my application. I went there and answered questions related to what I wrote in the application and they told me they would contact me in a week. Couple of days later they asked me to come there to sign the papers and accept the job. Pretty cool!"

"After my school semester ended, I had one free day before starting my job. So I went there and they introduced me to the tasks I would handle and some people there. After eating at a nearby restaurant I started working. One of my longest tasks starting from day one was folding these special covers for books that would be sent out to customers, sponsors and people who gave speeches at an event held by Eficode. Later on, I also helped in other things related to the books we were sending out, like putting on the addresses and carrying them to the mail office. I also transferred some folders that had to be kept secret from floor to another, kept resupplying the fridges with beverages, collected mugs from around the office, listed all the books in the office, built a shelf and some tables, helped with cleaning up the audio system and deleted some old materials. Overall I really enjoyed my time here, it was a positive experience and I feel like I learned new things about the industry and the people who work in the field of IT.”

As you can see, Panu was a huge help around the office. I hope that Panu will be an inspiration to all 9th graders (and to people of any age) to apply for that job that you really want. You never know what the answer is going to be.

Job applications have been raining in at about the same pace it has physically been raining here at Helsinki, and I can’t express our gratitude enough for all the people who are showing interest towards Eficode. On that note, I would also like apologize for any delays in answering. We read and consider every application that comes through, so if you haven’t yet received your answer – just hold tight! The answer is on its way. We’re always looking to expand our team of eficodeans – you can find more about efilife culture and all our open positions at our website www.eficode.com/careers.

Thank you again for all those who have sent an application!

‘Till next time, I wish everyone a lovely rest of the summer holiday – even if it’s raining, buy ice cream and do all the fun activities you want to. It’s not cold if you never leave the sauna!

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