For Senior Consultant Timo Stordell, the passion for information technology formed already in Junior High School. How it started and what does he do now?

- My first day at Eficode, was a positive culture shock. The atmosphere was very different from my previous jobs. I noticed right from the start, how the employees said what they really thought, no matter the thought. I had gotten used to a very conservative corporate culture, during my career. Therefore, this was a breath of fresh air.

On that first day, a colleague unknown to me, came to ask me if he could call me by the name of ‘Storba’. ‘I guess that’s fine’, I remember laughing. This nickname has stuck with the Senior Consultant of Eficode, Timo Stordell to this day.

Passion for information technology formed already as Timo was in Junior High. During that time the home computer was referred to as the ‘micro’, short for a word ‘microcomputer’. On top of school and sleeping, playing with the Commodore 64 gaming console was a part of the everyday life.

Timo’s interest for old computers has lasted still to this day. The hobby evolved into studying, as Timo left after High School to study Information Technology to the Tampere University of Technology. The career, which started in the mid-90’s, took him through multiple technology companies, and eventually to Eficode in 2013.

Now, the 45-year-old ‘Storba’ is one of the seniors at Eficode. Timo describes starting at Eficode as: ‘the right choice’.

- Eficode was an interesting and a skilled growing company. As I started, the ‘Devops’ team consisted of 20 employees. Now, there are 70 of us and the number is growing. The amount of personnel has also more than doubled, in a timespan of three years. Even through all of this expansion, Eficode has still managed to keep all that is good, in its corporate culture. There are still no signs to be seen of the traditional corporate burocracy practices or any conservative stiffness in the corporate culture. Work, isn’t slowed down by waiting on decision processes that go through multiple closed doors. Here, matters are resolved easily and work can be quickly proceeded with.

What is consultants work really like? According to Timo, it is mostly ‘problem solving’. Consultant is also responsible of the team and is therefore usually the first one present. The community and teamspirit play a big role in the job.

- The best things at a consultant’s job, on top of the sense of team spirit, are firstly that the work focuses on finding a concrete solution, and secondly that you always keep on learning more. I have always enjoyed having a problem to solve.

 Timo has been working on a test automation project, for two years now. The project is estimated to be completed by next summer. Timo sums up his thoughts for us, on the soon-to-be-done project.

- One test run lasts nearly 3 days. To be able to see the results, after your own team has personally conducted 1 500 tests, is rewarding and incredible.

Eficode is searching for skilled consultants. Are you one of them? Check out our new open career positions or send an open application to: Welcome to Kamppi, we have already set up a working station for you!