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    Open positions in Germany

    Are you ready to join the Nordic’s most successful DevOps consultancy?


    At Eficode we are creative thinkers and problem-solvers, but most importantly we are people who are easy to work with. Are you looking for a place with endless possibilities for your personal development? A place where you can be a part of a highly skilled team of consultants? Come join us in one of our German locations. Working for Eficode Germany means that you will be collaborating and delivering consultancy services to leading businesses all over the country. You will have the opportunity to contribute to our local and digital communities and play an active role in knowledge sharing and open-source projects.  

    We offer flexibility and expect responsibility. We believe in cross-collaboration, flat organization, and transparency. These beliefs help us to deliver for our clients while we build an organization where everyone feels at home. Be a part of it. Come and build the future with us.

    Open positions in Germany


    Join the team

    Our team is distributed across several locations all around Germany. We have weekly calls and regular face-to-face team events to make sure the whole team stays connected. Our work is based on trust, professionalism, reliability, and fun. Every day! Learning and sharing knowledge is one of the key aspects of Eficode’s company culture and we’re passionate about our role as a leader in the cloud native and DevOps community. We have a unique company culture expressed through freedom, flexibility and absolute respect for every individual on the team.

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    Julia Lohnert

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