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    Meet our DevOps team in Malmö

    Do you long to be part of a self-driving team that tackles real problems? A place where every working day is about integrity, open-hearted communication, and personal development? If so, come join us in Malmö. Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable and frequently quirky group can’t wait to meet you.

    Our team is driven by the desire for constant improvement. We believe that team autonomy, honest communication, and continuous personal development create a great work environment for ourselves, and excellent value for our clients.

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    Kajsa Ahlerup

    HR Manager Sweden


    Open positions in Malmö

    A love for meta-consulting

    Everything we do is based on our passion for continuous improvement. Our Fridays are entirely dedicated to personal development, retrospecting on internal and client affairs, planning business development, and industry/social events.

    We’re a driven bunch but we’re only human, so after the dust settles on a big project you’ll often find us discussing it over a drink, board game, and laughs. We also do a mean brunch on Fridays, so that’s one more reason to join us.


    A little bit about Malmö

    Just across the water from Copenhagen, Malmö is a forward-thinking and diverse city offering some of the best falafels in the world (well, at least we think so). The universities of Malmö and Lund and the many gaming companies mean that the city’s tech community is very active. There are lots of meet-ups and conferences on both sides of the Øresund.


    If you're passionate about DevOps and you think you could be a good fit for this cool team, contact us.