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    Set your sights on Stockholm

    Our team grows in Sweden.
    Join the company of always evolving experts!

    Open positions in Sweden

    Stockholm is full of opportunities

    Are you ready for a career where you can affect thousands of people’s lives through automation with leading DevOps, test automation and software experts?

    Come join Eficode in Stockholm. We offer you unmatched freedom, flexibility in ways of working or working tools and an employer that really focuses on your personal development and happiness. 

    There are no hierarchies in Eficode. In our organization everyone can speak freely and pitch crazy ideas to the management team. Come create the future with us in our growing Swedish team!

    Why you should also join Eficode

    Open Positions in Stockholm

    We’re looking to add more team members primarily for DevOps Consultants, Software Developers, Cloud Architects and Automation Consultants. But if you think you can help the Stockholm team get to the next level, please send us an application.


    About Stockholm

    Friendly and forward-looking

    It is hard to describe Stockholm in few words, because this city is lucky to have a lot: rich history, beautiful archipelago, Europe's top ranking universities, attractive buildings... not a surprise that Stockholm is called the “Venice of the North”!

    Stockholm has the world’s first open-air museum, three UNESCO World Heritage sites, the world's longest art gallery, the largest spherical building and the largest palace still used for its intended purpose. In this city, you can really feel like being on the top.

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