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    Solve your business challenges with Google Cloud

    Google Cloud services

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    Google Cloud is one of the leading cloud computing platforms. It stands out for its machine learning capabilities and deep integration of open source technologies, especially Kubernetes for container orchestration. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is considered the most mature and complete offering on the market.

    The promise of cloud computing

    With Google Cloud you can deploy quickly and reduce time-to-market, while reducing costs. You get high resiliency and the ability to scale up or down based on usage in only a few minutes. Yet to leverage the benefits of the cloud, you need to build the right architecture and team.

    Successful cloud adoption

    Our DevOps and cloud experts can help you build a development roadmap based on your current setup. We’ll evaluate risks, maintain best practices, and build a well-architected system that’s right for you. As a Google Cloud partner we have the experience to guide you towards successful cloud adoption at scale. 


    Aki Roivanen

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    Full-service assistance on your Google Cloud journey


    Get started with cloud

    Create a roadmap and strategy, define best practices for service architecture, and design and implement your cloud solution.


    Improve your cloud capability

    Adopt new cloud native approaches, enable a cloud-oriented culture in your organization, and optimize your toolchain.


    Manage and optimize your services

    Let us secure your cloud solution, optimize your costs, and automate and maintain your environment.


    Skill up your cloud expertise

    Build new skills in your teams with our hands-on coaching and specialized training courses.

    Technical debt slows down product development and eventually makes it stop. Eficode presented a technical roadmap to support our business targets that made us tackle our technical debt and reach our objectives.

    Jermu Mäkinen, Operations Officer
    Firstbeat Technologies

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    Technical guidance with a strategic eye

    Build to leverage the cloud

    Simply moving an application to Google Cloud won’t automatically unlock the full benefits. Can the application scale? Can it leverage the cloud for resiliency and high availability? It has to be built that way. Our experts can show you how to achieve this.

    Choose Eficode as your advisor

    We have a proven track record in advising businesses with cloud and DevOps adoption. We can help you optimize the way you use Google Cloud and set up the best architecture and processes to reap the benefits of the cloud.

    Empower your team

    We don’t just deliver; we work alongside your employees to coach them. We’ll teach them everything we know through daily work routines and permanently embed new cloud skills and agile practices in your team.

    Let’s get you going in your cloud journey