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    Our awesome DevOps team is growing constantly

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    Eficode is the leading DevOps company in the Nordics

    Eficode has arrived in Amsterdam with a group of highly-skilled DevOps professionals, who are ready to hit the ground running for companies looking to be more effective and automated in their processes and software development. 

    Give your best practices in software development a road-tested Nordic twist with test automation, continuous deployment, Eficode Root product assembly line and AI-assisted software development.

    Open positions in Amsterdam

    Are you a DevOps Consultant, Software Developer, Cloud Architect and/or Automation Consultant? Then please don't be shy: send us an application!


    Where are we located?

    Join us at Amsterdam Arena

    Our office is located in the Tribes office space overlooking the Amsterdam Arena. We are in the Oval Tower, with architecture and decoration inspired by the Berbers from North-Africa.

    We’ll help you start a new life in Amsterdam

    If you move here from another country, we'll help you settle down to life in Amsterdam and at Eficode!

    At the moment our rented apartments are in the heart of the city center, to make it easy for you to explore the city and start a new chapter in your career.

    New Business Radio NL

    Listen to Jari Litmanen's talk about winning teams and learn more about Eficode Netherlands

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