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    Open positions in Helsinki

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    DevOps, software, design & usability testing: our Helsinki HQ has got it all! Look no further for the next step in your career and become a part of the Eficode success story here in the city where it all began. At Eficode Helsinki you will get a chance to consult some of the leading businesses from all around the world, and play an active role in training and knowledge sharing. 

    We offer you freedom and flexibility to work how you see best, and together with you we want to create the best possible career opportunities to ensure your personal development. Check out all of our open positions from below, and apply to become a part of the eficodeans! 

    Open positions in Helsinki


    Eficode headquarters

    The Helsinki office kitchen is often filled with the delicious scent of baked goods, as our office manager is not only great at managing the busy office life, but also happens to be an avid baker. When you arrive, grab a coffee from the pro-level espresso maker and look out over Helsinki from the 7th floor balcony. You’ll see Kamppi nearby, one of Helsinki’s main shopping and transport hubs. On Fridays we like to make a habit of starting the day by enjoying breakfast together so we can catch up with our colleagues, and ending it with a sauna at the end of the day. Come and experience our laid-back office culture with us. It’s worth it just for the cakes.

    A little bit about Helsinki

    Helsinki contrasts bold, modern architecture with city center parks and gardens to create an inspirational place to live and work. Well connected with excellent transport links, it’s easy to get around the city’s world-renowned university campuses, innovative start-up scene, and outdoor saunas.

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    Linda Knuutila

    linda.knuutila@eficode.com +358 40 417 7071