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    Reach your DevOps goals with a Kubernetes Certified Provider.

    Kubernetes Solutions

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    Release new applications quickly and efficiently with Kubernetes

    Cloud native technologies empower organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds.

    Reaping the full benefits of the cloud isn’t as straightforward as simply moving your applications to a cloud provider.  They have to be built in a way that ensures scalability, resilience, and high availability. A cloud native approach helps to enable a multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud strategy with a “build once and deploy anywhere”  capability. 

    At Eficode we have DevOps experts with deep knowledge of cloud technologies who can guide you on your journey to effective cloud native adoption. We assess your existing situation, make recommendations regarding technologies, and bring you the competencies you need for success.


    Aki Roivanen

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    We knew that Eficode had the specific skillset we needed. A running start for this project was crucial for us.

    Petri Louhelainen
    CTO at KAMU Health

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    What we can help you with

    We offer Kubernetes consulting, support and training for organizations embarking on their Kubernetes journey. We also constantly contribute to the open-source community.


    Get started with cloud

    Create a roadmap and strategy, define best practices for service architecture, and design and implement your solution.


    Improve your cloud capability

    Adopt new cloud native approaches, enable cloud-oriented culture in your organization, and optimize your toolchain.


    Manage and optimize your services

    Let us secure your cloud solution, optimize your costs, and automate and maintain your environment.


    Kubernetes Training

    Introduce new tools to your teams and grow your in-house experts. Read more on cloud native training


    CI/CD solution for Kubernetes

    Automatically deploy Helm charts to a Kubernetes cluster with Helmsman.


    Atlassian Software in Kubernetes

    Get high availability as code with our open-source solution for the Atlassian stack.

    Choose your Kubernetes advisor


    Trusted advisor

    We are cloud consulting experts and have extensive knowledge regarding cloud technologies. We are a trusted partner with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

    Cultivate the right skills and practices

    Our consultants work alongside your employees. We teach them everything we know through daily work routines to permanently embed new skills and engender good habits in your team.

    We're always open to talking about Kubernetes