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    Design and create digital services to drive your strategy

    Agile software development

    One person works on a large phone interface, another works on a computer with a large computer window in the background

    Customized software for your business needs

    Modern software development is about creating value as sustainably as possible by minimizing waste and risks.

    Successful digital services that drive a company's strategy require seamless collaboration between business, technology, and design expertise. Our deep, long-standing expertise in user-centered design, agile development, and DevOps means your software will end up serving you and your customers for longer, ensuring you make the most of your development investments.

    Modern technical infrastructure for the entire software lifecycle

    Microservices and cloud provide modern, scalable solutions. Our DevOps practices, such as automated testing and code analysis, improve software quality, and make continuous delivery flexible. It’s easy to adapt the service to changing needs.

    Matias Merenmies

    +358 50 544 8236

    We selected Eficode for a number of reasons—they had the required expertise, of course, but they were also enthusiastic about the task—and everything just worked.

    Lauri Wirola
    Product owner at HERE

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    Agile software projects as a turnkey solution

    Agile development projects are the best way of solving customer pain points. We have over 100 versatile experts, from service and UX designers to architects to developers, and they ensure that you get the best available skills at every step of your project, from ideation to production. 

    • A zero-day delivery ensures a flying start for the software project with DevOps tools and practices
    • Our user-centered approach ensures that the software serves users and has a high level of user experience
    • As a long-term partner, we offer software maintenance and services for further development
    agile software

    UX & UI design for your software 

    High-quality design makes services useful and delightful for your customers, but it also needs to be easy to implement for long-term success. Our designers work across multidisciplinary teams and have experience from many projects. User-centric, inclusive design is our core competence. Our goal is always a high level of user experience, excellent usability, and accessibility.

    • Validated service concepts based on the needs of stakeholders and users
    • Digital services that are easy to use and accessible for users with disabilities or impairments
    • High-quality UI design for different platforms
    •  User interface audits, style guides, and design systems that enhance and harmonize the user experience 

    Flexible expertise and high-quality code at a fixed monthly price

    We provide you with quality software and the expertise you need at a fixed, predictable cost. With our help, you get there faster.

    • Our software experts can support your own development team, or you can get a whole team from us to accelerate your project
    • We can also take care of configuring and setting up your environments and DevOps tools with Eficode ROOT
    • Go to market faster with a MVP, pilot your service, and decide on further development based on actual user data

    Design systems

    Design systems enable faster and more efficient development work as well as a consistent brand experience.

    • Software development becomes more sustainable: unnecessary work and costs are reduced
    • Reusable, common components for software developers and designers improve interoperability and reduce time-consuming documentation
    • Take control of the brand experience by creating a unified look and feel for all your digital services
    Design Development systems

    Sustainable software development

    Quality, teamwork, and user-centricity

    We approach projects with the entire software lifecycle in mind. Our most important values ​​are quality, teamwork between our various experts, and user-centricity. We do development work iteratively and in close cooperation with the project owner. We strive for short release cycles and to eliminate waste.

    Better service with user-centric design

    We identify the needs of customers and stakeholders to ensure the service creates value. We engage users to ensure first-class user experience and a high level of usability.

    DevOps practices improve quality and efficiency

    DevOps practices are Eficode’s core competencies. We automate testing, analysis, deployment, and measurement to reduce application lifetime costs and supplier dependency, making it more feasible to continuously evolve your application. If you currently lack a modern DevOps pipeline you can use the Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform.

    Modern technology solutions

    Responsive web, mobile applications, IoT, cloud, Big Data, and AI - whatever specialty you require, we can use our experts and our partner network to complement your team. We look far into the future to harness the power of new technologies to benefit our projects.

    We’re always open to talking about agile software design and development