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    Join our team of talented experts at Eficode!


    Help shape the future of software development

    Our office in Gothenburg offers the chance to work on dynamic and challenging projects, while taking part in digital transformations for our clients - all while developing your own skills.

    Our team is passionate about everything related to the Cloud, DevOps and Atlassian. We regularly organize meet-ups on the latest technologies and practices, and collaborate and consult with businesses (and our other offices) throughout Sweden.

    As a member of our team, you will help us succeed and build the future of software development, as well as gain new skills through our Academy.

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    Kajsa Ahlerup

    HR Manager Sweden

    Open positions in Gothenburg

    Join our Gothenburg team for digital transformations and personal growth

    At our Gothenburg office, we are proud of the amazing people who make up our team. While we try to meet up in person whenever possible, we also regularly connect through virtual team activities and informal get-togethers with our other Swedish offices. We value open communication and make time to discuss topics that matter to us, which helps to build a positive office culture.

    We are just one part of a larger network throughout Scandinavia, and we take advantage of the opportunities that come with being part of an international company, including access to internal training for learning and development. Trust is a core value we prioritize across all our teams, and we offer flexibility to ensure a healthy work-life balance


    About Gothenburg

    World-famous for Volvo, magical archipelago islands, and delicious seafood, Gothenburg a large city located on the beautiful west coast of Sweden. 

    Gothenburg is a flourishing green city with a vibrant cultural scene, restaurants, craft beers, and a fascinating history. At the same time, adventure is never far away. There is always an island waiting to be explored or a mountain to be conquered from the saddle of your bike.

    gothenburg in sweden

    The team is growing in Gothenburg. Come and help us spread DevOps best practices.