Eficode (formerly Praqma) ran a Continuous Delivery Assessment at Bankwest in Australia

This is the testimonial of Sean Langton, CTO of Bankwest, following Mike Long of Eficode running a Continuous Delivery Assessment in summer 2018.

Why did Bankwest collaborate with Eficode?

“Bankwest is an Australian financial institution undergoing an enterprise-wide digital transformation, necessitating us modernizing our software engineering practices. We scour the globe to find the best capability to support us on our journey and we engaged Eficode to help us implement continuous delivery global best practices."

What did you get out of the Continuous Delivery Assessment?

“The Eficode [formerly Praqma] continuous delivery workshops had an impact across the organization at many different levels. Continuous Delivery is key to supporting our new agile ways of working which in turn is instrumental in helping us provide world class customer experience, business performance and employee engagement.

The assessment process generated much discussion, brought a strong focus on investment in our systems and delivery processes, improved our ability to deliver IT change at speed, at lower risk and readied our business for widespread cloud adoption in line with our technology strategy."