Through Jira Service Management, Cambio provides Swedish MittVaccin users with prompt and professional support. So the company has also decided to expand the case management system to all other Cambio products and services. Besides internal support, it will also serve customers from nine Swedish regions, and 70,000 users.

The challenge: A rapidly expanding business needed better support

Delivering e-health to a large number of Sweden's regions and municipalities, Cambio has rapidly expanded in recent years. But with only a couple of employees knowing Jira, the company were vulnerable and needed to strengthen its competence. So Cambio contacted Eficode for advice, support, and training.

While Eficode stepped in as advisors, Cambio also realized they needed a more flexible and simpler case management system for MittVaccin, a key product. MittVaccin is a digital vaccination card: care providers report vaccinations and patients can see the doses they have received. The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increasing inflow of cases from both healthcare and patients

“The cooperation works fantastically. I have received feedback from the various projects saying the Eficode consultants are very competent, flexible and quick."
-Anton Brunberg, Information Security Assurance Manager, Cambio

The solution: Expert support and Jira Service Management

Because the employees already had a positive experience of the system, Cambio selected Atlassian's IT Service Management (ITSM) system: Jira Service Management, for case management system.

Realizing the importance of doing things right from the start, Cambio asked Eficode for help implementing Jira Service Management. The goal was to create more flexible reporting of vaccine doses, which results in fewer support cases. The cases that come in will be quickly and easily managed in the system. The cases are also prioritized based on predetermined criteria, allowing prompt help where it is most needed.

“Jira Service Management is becoming increasingly important for Cambio. We are providing expert support that helps them adapt their tools and ways of working." -Leif Ericson, Atlassian Consultant, Eficode

Because Eficode has long experience implementing Jira Service Management the best way possible, work went quickly and smoothly. The results are:

  • a better life for the Support team
  • quicker help for the users

For other services and products, Cambio had already chosen a different case management system, but following the success with MittVaccin, the company reconsidered. Jira Service Management will be used for all services.

Cambio's case management systems will now be connected to the nine Swedish regions the company works with. The company will not only manage support to each region's IT department, but also to all nurses, doctors, and other healthcare personnel who have to enter information into the system. Integrating Jira Service Management with the regions' various case management systems involves mirroring: if a user places a case in their system, it has to be mirrored in the other.

Nine regions' case management systems have to be connected to our JSM. There are many connections and strict security requirements. Therefore, expert support feels reassuring.

- Anton Brunberg, Information Security Assurance Manager, Cambio

Jira Service Management will also be used for internal IT support. Work is proceeding to digitalize all HR processes and automate other processes. This takes even more integration with current systems. All these internal and external integrations require knowledge and experience. So Eficode helps Cambio with all integrations, ensuring everything goes as planned.

Support that develops the business

Since Jira Service Management plays an increasingly important role in Cambio's business development, access to professional advice is crucial. Cambio's employees need an expert to turn to:

  • to find out how something works 
  • how it fits in with other ongoing projects 
  • what is important to bear in mind at any time 
  • how others have succeeded. 

In a long program that is also expanding, it is of great benefit to have the company experts along the way, who understand the environment and know what works best.

Meanwhile, Cambio builds up its competence by letting Eficode's advisors teach their employees. In the long run, the goal is to have Eficode as expert help in development projects only.