Eficode (formerly Praqma) helped Kamstrup achieve their Continuous Delivery goals through a blend of on-site and remote engagements

To achieve its Continuous Delivery goals, Kamstrup’s team hired Eficode for a Continuous Delivery Assessment, on-site consulting and Git training courses.

Kamstrup is a world leading manufacturer of system solutions for smart energy and water metering. They employ more than 300 research engineers across Europe, mainly in Scandinavia delivering products worldwide. Kamstrup develops embedded software for their meters, as well as software for managing and monitoring major installations with thousands of meters in an IoT environment.

As Kamstrup grew, different methods of developing software sprung up across departments. Kamstrup wanted to adopt Continuous Delivery but, like many other companies in a similar situation, were not sure of the best approach.

Kamstrup brought in Eficode for an ambitious Continuous Delivery Maturity Assessment involving managers, testers, and developers. The strengths and weaknesses of Kamstrup’s software development teams were laid bare. The result was a Eficode authored report containing detailed findings and pain points, as well as concrete steps to remedy them. Kamstrup was able to use this assessment report as the roadmap for their Continuous Delivery initiative.

“As a manager with a lot of engaged and skilled developers, it can be challenging to navigate the many different opinions on how we should work. Having Eficode as your wingman is a nice insurance of reaching your goal in one piece. They have a clear picture of the many aspects of Continuous Delivery and both involved and educated fellow travelers on the journey”, Michael Steen Ebbesen, Department Manager at Kamstrup

During the journey towards Continuous Delivery, Eficode shared its expertise and best practices to Kamstrup. Eficode has provided Git training as well as consultants on-site both developing tools and advising the Continuous Delivery team at Kamstrup.

“Having a Eficode consultant has helped us achieve a stable build environment and a new way of handling software delivery in a more aligned and professional manner. Automated pipelines and shared toolchains across departments has helped us eliminate dependency on individual persons”, Michael Steen Ebbesen, Department Manager at Kamstrup