Contribyte (now part of Eficode) helped standardize Dun & Bradstreet’s (former Bisnode) production and sales processes, and developed their Atlassian's Jira to better meet users' needs.


After several acquisitions, D&B (former Bisnode) noticed the need to amalgamate certain areas, especially customer service monitoring and development. The company’s ERP system also needed to be updated to improve automation, and streamline processes.


Based on a survey, Contribyte (now part of Eficode) helped standardize D&B’s production and sales processes while developing their systems to meet the needs of different teams more effectively. 

D&B expanded their Atlassian and Jira systems use to better meet their enterprise resource management needs. The customer management system was reformed, and the service request process was developed to be ticket-based. Using Jira made their operations more transparent and helped their processes flow seamlessly, from beginning to end.


The reforms clarified all D&B’s processes. Thanks to Jira, the speed of customer service delivery and its efficiency have increased considerably. Simultaneously, having to do less manual work has increased employee motivation.

Simplifying processes and improving work management has made a visible difference to customers who enjoy faster delivery times. The reforms have also enabledD&B to monitor and manage their own resources more effectively. 

Over time, D&B and Contribyte have continued to collaborate extensively, so their future development needs can be dealt with flexibly and effectively, using their continuous service model as the foundation. The companies have worked together since 2014.

D&B has grown in recent years to become Europe's leading business intelligence provider.