Eficode shows Firstbeat Technologies how to modernize its software development structure. Using Eficode’s DevOps assessments, Firstbeat was able to identify and track issues in their software organization that were slowing the business down and preventing it from growing.

"Technical debt slows down product development and eventually makes it stop. Eficode presented a technical roadmap to support our business targets that made us tackle our technical debt and reach our objectives," says Jermu Mäkinen, Operations Officer, Firstbeat Technologies.

The challenge

As Firstbeat's business continued to grow they needed to ensure their technology and processes kept pace. Some of the issues to address included updating and automating operations and overcoming hurdles related to scaling and ensuring systems and software responsibilities weren't reliant on individual employees.

"Eficode was able to define our current issues and the reasons behind them to management with a clear roadmap. As a result, we decided to invest in automation in the software development process," says Jermu Mäkinen, Operations Officer, Firstbeat Technologies.

The work done

In every DevOps digital transformation you need to analyze, act, and monitor. With two assessments Firstbeat was able to do all three. Through the initial DevOps assessment Eficode was able to provide information on what should be changed in the internal processes and tools.

The results of the audit made it clear to the software team, and to management, that Firstbeat needed to adopt cloud solutions, implement CI/CD pipelines, and start using artifactory. As a trusted advisor, Eficode was able to clarify precisely where the software needed modernization and automation.

Twelve months after internal development started Eficode provided a second assessment to verify the achieved results. In this follow up assessment the IT organization was able to provide solid data to summarize the improvements and their current state.

Firstbeat implemented the changes themselves, but they needed Eficode to confirm that their investment in automation was taking them in the right direction. Within a year they had transformed from a traditional software practice to a modern software factory that delivers high-quality software in short cycles.

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