Flooid is a powerful commerce platform that gives businesses the freedom to sell in any way they choose. With leading retail tech partners connected to one comprehensive solution, Flooid assists companies in engaging with shoppers and maximizing their sales potential.

Flooid's internal leadership has established a guild structure consisting of four pillars: Architecture, Engineering, Quality, and DevOps.


The Challenge 


Flooid has been an Atlassian customer for several years and had an on-premise, server-based deployment of Jira Software and Confluence. But with the end-of-life announcement of the Atlassian Server edition, the team decided to migrate to Atlassian Cloud. 

Flooid reached out to Clearvision (now part of Eficode) for assistance in delivering the project. Ryan Bryers, Senior Vice President - Engineering, stated:

"We had a lot of Jira and Confluence knowledge already, but there was a gap in terms of migrations. The engagement of Clearvision was to get expertise in a delivery project we had. We have for many years been an Atlassian client with an on-premise Server-based deployment. With the Atlassian changes, we needed to migrate from on-prem to Cloud, and we recognized that we needed a Solution Partner to help us on that path."

When accessing Jira and Confluence on Server, the team at Flooid needed a VPN connection, which made it difficult for them to permit third parties to the platforms, causing unnecessary stress and delays.

“The use of the on-prem Server installation meant our teams had to engage the VPN before accessing Jira and Confluence. This was a source of frustration for users and came with a level of inflexibility in terms of granting access to external parties. To allow some form of client access, we had to generate extraordinary solutions.”

The team at Flooid knew this challenge could be overcome with the adoption of Atlassian Cloud. Before seeking assistance from Clearvision, they were working with an immature set of migration scripts that were known for not covering the breadth or scope of the migration project. This meant that bespoke scripting was required, adding to the complexity and completion time of the project.

The Solution


Flooid had a preexisting working relationship with Clearvision, and had completed successful projects with them in the past. This established trust helped the Flooid team feel confident in Clearvision's ability to assist with their specific need of migrating from on-premise Atlassian Server applications to Atlassian Cloud.

“We used Clearvision’s consultancy service to drive the migration out to the cloud and to broker the licensing.”

The prerequisite risk assessment phase was critical in identifying the full scope of the migration, and the technical activities required for a successful migration. Because Atlassian Cloud is a SaaS solution, the VPN was no longer required. To address the limitations of the existing scripts, a Clearvision consultant developed custom scripts for the Flooid team.


The Results

“The ability of the Clearvision consultant to see the issues first-hand and then to create custom scripts was a major benefit to us. Clearvision were always in our corner. They helped when we ran into issues and worked tirelessly to either resolve them directly with Atlassian and fellow partners or to create bespoke solutions themselves.”

The Flooid team intends to use the insights they gained from the migration project as they adapt to Atlassian Cloud, and plan to seek the guidance of Clearvision consultants as they explore new possibilities with other Atlassian tools, like Jira Service Management. 

Their ultimate goal is to fully embrace the cloud by moving everything to it and emptying their on-premise data rooms and data centers.