A major UK financial institution was searching for a suitable provider to move from multiple decentralized software development tools for approximately 10,000 end-users to a centralized GitLab DevOps platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS) offered as a managed service.

Security, compliance, and visibility with the GitLab DevOps platform

Having already worked with several large finance clients, Eficode has vast GitLab expertise and knowledge in that domain and at that scale. So upon recommendation, Eficode, and its Managed Service, Eficode ROOT was selected.

Companies in highly regulated industries, such as finance, need more secure environments. These larger-scale organizations often experience a lack of visibility, caused by their teams working in dispersed environments using multiple different tools.

With Eficode's client, the work started immediately discussing the structure and implementation of this centralized toolchain, as well as its limitations when onboarding.

Deploying GitLab with the customization 

Through Eficode ROOT, Eficode supported the client company with customized solutions - a great advantage when setting up a toolchain with many security requirements.  

The client requirements included:

  • geo-replication 

  • zero downtime availability and upgrades 

  • no data loss

  • full auditability of all users of the system 

  • data located in the UK

  • AWS Cloud, GitLab Ultimate and HashiCorp Vault

Eficode worked extensively with the company’s teams to define the integration points and how their networks would come into play. Their networks needed to support multiple clouds and environments throughout the organization. 

The maturity of GitLab as a product itself, and Eficode’s previous expertise in deploying and managing GitLab, made the customization process easier. 

Fully managed GitLab DevOps platform as a service that allows the organization to focus on what matters most 

Delivering GitLab DevOps platform through Eficode ROOT as a managed service allows the client to focus on software development, instead of tooling maintenance, hosting, upgrades, integrations, and other non-value-added work. The client also notices their teams becoming more satisfied due to increased trust in tools and reduction of time spent on tooling maintenance. 

The client organization acknowledges better security and compliance while improving time-to-market, automation, and the toolchain. The tooling and license centralizations allowed the client to reduce costs related to multiple overlapping license structures. 

Eficode ROOT is suitable for the globally operating organization and is based on each region’s needs and regulations. It has brought more transparency across the organization, development, and operational value streams, allowing, for example, DesignOps and other collaborations to prosper in the future.