Eficode (formerly beecom) has been optimizing the tools Infoguard uses to collaborate better within their teams of security experts. Read on about Infoguard’s experience with Eficode in creating their Linchpin Collaboration solution.

“Linchpin as well as Jira were a great help in addressing our data management and communication issues. We are pleased with Richard and his team’s work on this project. Eficode (formerly beecom) is our go-to company for improving our team collaboration processes and automation efforts", says Zurfluh Reinhold, Head of Marketing at Infoguard AG.

Infoguard is the Swiss Cyber-security Expert. The company aims to ensure that enterprises mitigate cyber risks while ensuring compliance. They build an efficient and agile network infrastructure for companies that strike the optimum balance between performance, security, and costs.

Infoguard’s expertise lies in architecture, auditing, consulting, and project management as well as in the operation and support of complex enterprise networks. The company provides network and security solutions, making targeted use of standard components from leading international manufacturers.

Infoguard has security specialists in Zug and Bern who provide information security for more than 300 customers in Switzerland.

The challenge

Having a presence in two different locations and with over one hundred and fifty employees managing a lot of customer and internal projects, InfoGuard needed an intranet communication platform to reduce the flood of e-mail messages as well as a collaboration tool where all of their work can be shared within the internal network. For the employees, it was time-consuming searching for actual information, files and going back and forth to reach a colleague for information or action.

The work done

The Eficode (formerly beecom) team installed Linchpin to Infoguard’s network. Essentially a social intranet for any organization, Linchpin provided Infoguard with an expert search with a powerful filter mechanism, a platform for instant feedback in discussions, and other important integrations.

Finding precisely the right person to talk to across Infoguard’s network either in Bern or Zug is much faster. Feedback is real-time on pertinent discussions. Events are better organized and reminders are sent on time to everyone involved.