Intelliflo is a leading technology provider that enables wider access to financial advice through its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. It’s used by over 30,000 financial professionals worldwide on a daily basis to manage workflows, respond to consumer and regulatory needs, and facilitate the full advice journey. 

Since its establishment in 2004, Intelliflo has experienced significant growth and is currently the No. 1 technology platform for financial advisors in the UK. The backbone of Intelliflo's platform is its Intelligent Office ("iO") software, which operates from a single instance, multi-tenant SaaS platform, enabling high scalability and rapid functionality development.

The Challenge 

To reduce the burden on their internal resources, Intelliflo made the decision to outsource the implementation of Confluence to complement their existing Jira toolset. This move was prompted by their experts who found managing the Atlassian Stack internally to be distracting. Clearvision (now part of Eficode) was chosen to undertake the implementation, allowing Intelliflo to maintain their focus on core business activities while still benefiting from the capabilities of adding these essential tools.

“We ran a supplier pitch and the fact that Clearvision is a UK-based Platinum Atlassian Expert and could host in the UK, was a big advantage.The biggest benefit to Intelliflo is that we get the peace of mind of knowing that the Atlassian toolchain is going to be upgraded for us, by people who know what they are doing, and we’ll always be running on the most up-to date-system.” - Alex Madden - Global Head of Corporate IT and Security, Intelliflo.

Intelliflo already used Jira, but sought to transition to a hosted version. Jira is an issue and project tracking solution that enables users to manage units of work (issues, bugs, stories, project tasks), via a predefined workflow. With this system of tracking tickets in place, users can collate tasks in a backlog and prioritize them based on their value.

“The biggest thing for us is that upgrades have gone from being something we needed to maintain, to a set of capabilities we don’t need to worry about because Clearvision has our back." - Alex Madden - Global Head of Corporate IT and Security, Intelliflo.

The Solution

Intelliflo purchased Confluence - a communication and collaboration platform that allows for transparency across various departments. With it, Intelliflo can connect its entire business in one place to easily collaborate and capture knowledge, ideas, documents, minutes, and projects.

Additionally, Intelliflo purchased support for a period of 12 months

For Intelliflo, Jira allows transparency between all departments, so each team knows what’s happening across the business and are all on the same page - working towards unified business goals. 

Additionally, Intelliflo decided to host its Jira and Confluence tools for: 

  • Daily dedicated backups. 
  • Lights on support. 
  • Basic system support (to ensure the system’s running). 
  • Basic application support (to ensure the application’s running). 
  • Basic application install. 
  • Upgrades (up to two upgrades per application, per year). 
  • Patches (emergency and regular security patches). 
  • Operating system patching.

Furthermore, Intelliflo requested to migrate its Jira instance over to Clearvision’s hosted version - with the entire migration taking just two days:

Day 1: Clearvision identified Intelliflo’s current Jira configuration, as well as the potential challenges for the migration and mapping out a detailed migration path. 

Day 2: Clearvision focused on the backup, UAT, and handover. 

“The implementation was absolutely flawless, with literally no issues, it all just started working on the day they said it would. Since then we’ve done an upgrade, which again was done with no issues."  - Alex Madden - Global Head of Corporate IT and Security, Intelliflo.

Now and in the future

Intelliflo adopted Jira Service Management for 10 users: 

Jira Service Management will make it easier for Intelliflo to serve its internal customers and for those customers to ask for help with smart, automated knowledge base suggestions. It provides a support portal for both internal and external customers, where they can quickly and simply raise support tickets. With JSM, agents have visibility over how much time has elapsed on tickets raised, and automations can also be set up, allowing agents to focus on solving the important jobs and helping to lighten the workload.

“Our Atlassian tools are critical productivity tools used across the business; it’s really important they are always working – so it helps us focus on our core business to know that we’ve got someone else dealing with this stuff for us. We had a call with the people at Clearvision, which left me with the clear impression they knew what they were talking about. They came with a really good price, which was competitive with US-based suppliers.” - Alex Madden - Global Head of Corporate IT and Security, Intelliflo.

The Breakdown


A knowledge base solution that offered Intelliflo better knowledge sharing and collaboration across their teams.

Jira Software

Intelliflo’s issue tracker for software development, IT support, and BAU activities.

Jira Service Management

Intelliflo’s internal helpdesk portal with smart, automated knowledge base suggestions.


Their entire Atlassian Stack was supported and maintained.