Kaleva Media gained a shared language around Agile, and applied Scaled Agile Framework and Agile practices to achieve better results for the company.

"The training provides a strong basis for understanding products and their management”

Nordic multi-media company, Kaleva Media, committed to scale up their Agile ways of working using the SAFe Framework. Jira Align was introduced by one business unit, and by then rolling it out across the enterprise, improvement followed everywhere.

As part of its growth strategy, to increase its overall offering, Kaleva Media acquired new companies from various sectors in addition to traditional media companies. Eino Järvelä, Development Mananger, and Tommi Silfverhuth, Director, Development & Technologies at Kaleva Media explain how Contribyte’s training has helped them to develop product management.

“Together with Contribyte,” explains Silfverhuth, “we began considering a joint model combining their expertise with our needs.”

Discussion-based training

Kaleva Media opted for a two-day training session, which Järvelä says was of great help to them. He explains, “The participants from our company included product managers and other staff who worked with products.”

Part of the training consisted of traditional spreadsheet presentations, but there was also a lot of discussion. Contribyte helped Kaleva Media to form an overall picture so they could focus on key issues that enable the achievement of better results for the company. Contribyte responded to their request promptly. As a result, Silfverhuth says, “We are grateful to them for the speed with which they met our needs,” and adds “It felt like they had carefully explored the issues in advance. Despite the short preparation time, they had clearly taken time to plan the training and had done their homework on the media business.”

Everyone was ‘speaking the same language’ after the training

The training taught product managers at Kaleva Media to use the same language and terms. Now that they are all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ it will be easy to move forward. “I would happily recommend Contribyte. The training provides a strong basis for understanding products and their management,” Silfverhuth concludes.