LähiTapiola received an assessment, a development proposal, a new way of working, and a cost efficient tool with the implementation and training.

Insurance company, LähiTapiola (forner Lähivakuutus), committed to scale up their Agile ways of working, using the SAFe Framework. Jira Align was introduced by one business unit, and by then rolling it out across the enterprise, improvement followed everywhere.


LähiTapiola wanted to reform their system, as well as the management of software project requirements, change and test management processes and tools.

The customer was responsible for defining, prioritizing and final validation, while maintenance and project development tasks and testing were largely outsourced to various suppliers. Related policies, processes and responsibilities / roles were not uniform. There was no equally clear and documented approach to be followed which would enable current working habits and know-how to be moved from one project to another. In addition, there were a few different tools used for requirements, change, and testing management that were not utilized in the best possible way.


Contribyte carried out an accurate assessment of the current practices and tools and proposed a list of concrete developmental actions in two weeks. After the evaluation, Contribyte helped the client in the development project: defining the processes, evaluating a suitable ALM tool, as well as its implementation and training. The project was implemented according to the agreed timetable in seven stages over about seven months.


The customer received an accurate assessment of the current business model on schedule and efficiently, a development proposal, a new defined way of work, a cost efficient tool suitable for the need and the implementation and training for this tool.

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