Eficode helped Metsähallitus define the Metsa.fi website concept and ensure the accessibility of the Metsähallitus online services.

“Eficode helped us clarify the concept of our group website. The website is used by several different user groups and there are various needs and wishes related to it. Eficode helped us build a shared understanding of what the Metsa.fi website should be like to make sure that it joins the Metsähallitus brand and objectives to user needs. Eficode also coached us on the accessibility of our online services.” - Satu Sorjonen, Metsähallitus

Metsähallitus serves diverse customers and stakeholders

Metsähallitus is a government authority engaging in both business activities and public administrative duties. The task of Metsähallitus is to manage government-owned land and water territories in a way that brings optimal benefits to Finnish society.

Clarifying the Metsa.fi website concept

Metsähallitus wished to renew its Metsa.fi group website serving a variety of target groups to be increasingly user-friendly and fulfill accessibility requirements. There was also a need to reassess the used technical platform solution.

The concept planning was challenged by the diversity of website user groups, their different needs for information, and looking for a solution that would enable structuring a vast amount of information into a clear and accessible whole that also reflects the Metsähallitus brand. The users had to also be guided smoothly to the other Metsähallitus online services.

“We had already collaborated with Eficode before, so our level of trust with them was high from the get-go. We appreciate Eficode’s competence, commitment and user-oriented approach.” - Satu Sorjonen

The concept was developed in close collaboration with the Metsähallitus project group, and also involved engaging website users in the process.

Planning work was launched by determining goals for the website and key user groups and related use cases and information needs. User data was summarised in clear profiles, which will support website planning and content creation in the future.

Ideas for the website structure and design solutions were generated together. Key solutions were validated using a prototype. This also enabled enriching the available knowledge of user needs. An agile approach was used to engage target groups in the process, involving group discussions and interviews.

The concept documentation also included instructions that made it easier for Metsähallitus to ensure that the website implementation will comply with the valid accessibility legislation.

Thanks to the collaboration, Metsähallitus ended up with a clear concept based on user data, which made it easy to continue the renewal process.

Eficode coached Metsähallitus in online service accessibility

In addition to the group website, Metsähallitus has several other online services used by customer groups ranging from citizens to business partners.

After the concept creation project, the collaboration continued with accessibility coaching. One of Eficode’s accessibility specialists assessed the accessibility of the Metsähallitus online services and provided training on accessibility to the Metsähallitus communications staff.

The coaching also included clear instructions that facilitate paying attention to accessibility in the future. Eficode also performed an accessibility assessment to the Metsa.fi website before deployment.

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