Eficode helps Moi Mobiili increase efficiencies in their vital business platform, allowing them to focus on growing sales.

Moi Mobiili operates as a fully digital mobile operator providing mobile services for consumers, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. All of their services and solutions are provided through their business platform.

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Moi Mobiili has been able to increase their customer volume during 2020 as their operations are running and scaling securely in a public cloud.

“Our most important asset is our business platform where we sell all our offerings. With Eficode, the whole environment is now managed so that we can concentrate on serving our customers even better and growing our core business,” explains Moi Mobiili’s CTO, Kalle Vuoristo

The Challenge

Moi Mobiili has grown fast in the five years following its establishment, and their growing customer base required an environment that supported it via scaling. New services and solutions, such as 5G, also required a renewal to their business platform and user experience.

Moi Mobiili had previously worked with several different vendors, which led to more administrative work and increasing costs.

“Moi Mobiili was built on automation and digitalization. With the expertise we received from Eficode, we were able to scale our services to a level that responds to our increasing customer demand,” comments Moi Mobiili’s CTO, Kalle Vuoristo

The Solution

For scaling operations, Moi Mobiili migrated from private to public cloud. Maintenance of the public cloud was handed over to Eficode, and work continues with management of the systems and applications.

In order to serve customers better, Moi Mobiili needed to unify and enhance its website to prepare for its 5G product launch. To that end, Eficode provided user interface and front-end development for the moi.fi website which continues to be supported and managed by Eficode.

Millions of activities are processed in the Moi Mobiili environment every day. Therefore the most important item Moi Mobiili has is the process automation; this will last longer than any system, and will only be changed if the business changes.

The Result

With the help of Eficode’s application management, Moi Mobiili has been able to free up resources to develop its core business, all whilst keeping up with the maintenance of its systems and applications. 

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Who are Moi Mobiili?

Moi Mobiili is a Finnish mobile operator providing services for consumers and SMEs. It was established in 2016 and it has been owned fully by DNA Oyj since 2019. 

For further information, visit www.moi.fi, follow @Moimobiili on Twitter or like their Facebook page. and @Moimobiili on Facebook.