Payment technology provider Nets committed to scale up their Agile ways of working, using the SAFe Framework. Jira Align was introduced by one business unit, and by then rolling it out across the enterprise, improvement followed everywhere.

Nets wanted a solution that could help them:

  • with enterprise-level, Agile transformation initiatives
  • become more transparent and aligned across their development teams

The two key factors that led Nets to this initiative:

1. Adopting the SAFe framework

Nets had been undergoing Agile transformation using the SAFe framework for a few months already. They started to organize around the value streams and train people in various roles. Doing this, they saw a strong need to visualize the process and coordinate across the enterprise, including all the development teams.

2. Mergers and acquisitions

Nets experienced several mergers and acquisitions. This fragmented their delivery value streams. They needed to merge the existing systems with new ones and coordinate this process so that the systems would be effectively integrated into their ongoing scaling journey.

Finding the right solution: Jira Align

Eficode had been working on a separate project with Nets, was familiar with the needs, and could recommend a suitable solution: Jira Align. Eficode had specific discussions with the members of the development teams about their ways of working, to make sure the tool reflected what they were doing and met their needs.

“Eficode is keenly focused and listens to the customer’s needs”
– Susan Scott, VP Product Operations, Nets.

When Nets compared consultancy partners, Eficode stood out as an early adoption partner of Atlassian for Jira Align. Eficode was the only provider in the Nordics at the time, with experience and the ability to deliver services around Jira Align. With time, Nets also appreciated the ease of service purchasing and how it was to collaborate with Eficode. Eficode was flexible to meet Nets’ needs in terms of the offering itself, and payment for licenses and services.

Onboarding the two most mature release trains and expanding Jira Align

Eficode did not only offer technical know-how within Jira Align. Experience in scaling was also crucial: how the scaling process works, and how to meet the challenges of continuous scaling.

“Eficode’s consultant was responsive and helped the teams improve and become more self-managed. He was a part of the team, also worked quite independently to meet our objectives”
- Susan Scott, VP Product Operations, Nets.

With Eficode’s support, Nets onboarded their two most mature release trains, in the e-commerce and SmartPay sectors. Now, each Agile release train has good visualization and tracking of their work. And after four months, the system adoption process was expanded across the enterprise, by onboarding additional release trains.

“Eficode supported us through the onboarding of all of our ARTs onto Jira Align, handling all of the coordination and training for us. It was great, as we could focus on the portfolio and enterprise aspects with Atlassian.”
- Susan Scott, VP Product Operations, Nets.

Better forecasting and feedback loops, from strategy to execution

Eficode also provided coaching, mentoring, and guidance for the teams. Through conversations and by breaking down the work, the teams were able to align around the vision of the process. They could therefore expand the system vertically, at portfolio and strategy levels. Here, Jira Align has helped to establish feedback loops and connections from strategy to execution. The teams were able to improve their forecasting and meet timeframes more consistently.