Nokia defined operational models, processes, and system changes, and developed a follow-up product development scorecard.


For Nokia, continuous innovation and product development are the lifeblood of the company. That’s partly why application development speed is so important - particularly in the intense overseas markets in which they operate.

To be successful, it’s not just Nokia’s own organization that must be closely involved with product development, their partners must be closely involved in it, too. In addition, changes and error management must work flawlessly.

Nokia was using the IBM Rational change application development tool. To gain best use of the tool, a new software development process had to be developed supporting the operational model and tool use in the best possible way. With more than 5 000 users and up to 2 000 simultaneous users, the system’s security had to be tight.


Contribyte (now part of Eficode) collaborated with Nokia on a long application development project, from beginning to end. Together, the two companies collaborated in order to define operational models, processes, and system changes, and develop a follow-up product development scorecard. 

Cooperation and interaction between all parties were taken into consideration during the entire application development lifecycle. Contribyte subsequently designed and implemented the project using a new process and tool, and verified system performance. The practical implementation consisted of building a development environment, providing operations and training technical assistance, and engaging in support tasks.


Using Contribyte reforms, Nokia stepped up its product development significantly.

By taking business needs into account and using the new tool as well as a new software development process, product development functioning was boosted. 

Information now flows smoothly between the different application developers and is transparent. Change and error management works better. Clear follow-up indicators help monitor product development, highlight error conditions, and identify where a process is not optimized. The system security level is as high as the banking software category requires.

Nokia and Contribyte have collaborated on a large scale since 2006. Nokia is one of Contribyte’s first customers and fruitful co-operation has taken place on many fronts for many years.