Novatron is a Finnish technology company specializing in automation for infrastructure construction. For over 30 years, they have developed, manufactured, and delivered machine control systems to earthwork contractors and machinery manufacturers domestically and abroad. Their products help digitize and automize worksites, enhancing productivity, quality, and safety in infrastructure construction.

Challenge: How to capitalize on a market opportunity?

Novatron recognized an opportunity to develop a new business area in the rapidly digitizing infrastructure sector. Creating this new business venture came with several steps where the company needed advice and support, such as productization and business strategy development. Although Novatron is a leader in its field, it saw the potential to expand its organizational expertise to meet the requirements of this new business.

Solution: Eficode's multidisciplinary expertise

Eficode began collaborating with Novatron in 2021, with productization consulting and organizing a product management academy. This helped Novatron increase the productization level of its product offerings.

Novatron's new business leader, Teppo Rauhala, was impressed by Eficode and their lead consultant, Markku Nurmela. Teppo decided to broaden the scope of the collaboration to the planning of the new business and to improve the expertise of their staff. The scope wasn't restricted to technical advice; Markku trained the staff on everything from creating a business case to an operational model and strategic planning.

Eficode assisted Novatron in mapping opportunities and challenges for the new business, building customer understanding, and helping create a practical and clear implementation plan. Additionally, Novatron's staff was trained to utilize new tools and processes essential for the success of the new business.

Observation: A good consultant speeds things up and helps you to focus

Teppo Rauhala, who has worked as a consultant for about twenty years, and Eficode’s Markku Nurmela summarize the value of a competent consultant:

  • Time-saving: The CEO and management have a company to run. Preparing and executing a successful development project is time-consuming, and time is often a critical resource. A consultant saves the management's time and ensures processes stay on schedule.
  •  External perspective: The risks of groupthink and insular vision grow without an external voice. A good consultant brings extensive knowledge, examples, and experience to the process.
  • Process Quality: A seasoned consultant has executed dozens, if not hundreds, of such processes and knows how to do it thoroughly and efficiently.
  • Expertise: An adept consultant offers industry-specific knowledge that complements your team’s skillset, thus enhancing outcomes.
  • Responsibility: An external consultant is committed to the process. If done internally, other priorities can easily overshadow a development project.
  • Focus: When a consultant facilitates the project, the company's team can concentrate on content rather than formalities, like arrangements or taking notes.

Benefits: Kickstarting new business efficiently

Novatron's new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business is ready to launch, built on models and plans developed during the collaboration.

Teppo Rauhala notes, "Eficode helped us establish a clear business case for the new venture. Eficode's participatory approach was wonderful; Novatron's staff actively participated in planning the new business, creating a strong sense of ownership."

Together with Eficode, a strategic roadmap was established to help Novatron grow the new business in the long run, including clear steps for business development, thereby bolstering scalability. In the future, Novatron can further tap into Eficode’s deep software and product development expertise.

Teppo Rauhala adds, "Eficode's knowledge, thoroughness, and passionate approach impressed me. They quickly understood our industry dynamics, and Markku often was a crucial support for me."


The collaboration with Novatron demonstrates how Eficode's approach and expertise can help businesses grow and venture into new domains. We're proud to have supported Novatron's journey towards novel business avenues. Our training and consulting have helped them establish a solid foundation for the new venture, which is ready to take off soon. We’re eager to continue this endeavor, assisting Novatron and other ambitious companies make meaningful changes to their operations.